Mod: smaller-or-bigger moves??

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by DaneBrammage, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. DaneBrammage

    DaneBrammage Guest

    Curious bout what you all figure is easier or harder on a mod compared to stock, namely, in the area of pedal kicking. I know Craig Scott can bunny over a bar higher on a mod than on a stock, but for sure the typical gapping distance for a mod has to be shorter, right? Less wheel diameter has to equal more limited distance.. like on a bike with 10" wheels (?) you'd be screwed no matter how good your technique. I'm asking so my expectations for myself stay reasonable, and also just to shoot the shit a little.

    p.s. I just learned to pedal kick at all a few days ago (on my mod), after whats been like 10 months of riding (all on my stock.) I videoed myself to check out if my pedalkick style had many douche elements in it, and I'm doing around 4 1/2' on a good attempt. I suppose 6' would be a good place to call it quits and move on to new techniques?
  2. B1105

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    I think it depends on how you ride, generally speaking, stocks seem to be able to do bigger moves, but for some people, the smaller bike actually allows them to have more power. Craig Lee Scott is pretty nasty at mod, probably better at it than stock.

  3. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound Steffen L.T.

    Thats a real shitty mentality to have in my opinion.

    Cant comment on the mod to stock thing since I've never owned a mod, but it seems that the stock goes bigger in general.
  4. hydroboy

    hydroboy "Jak se mas"

    who cares, mod = gay. end of story.
  5. pav

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    HAHA well said alex!

    GTFCKD New Member

    Mod is more impressive

    also, well put alex hahahahahahahahaha

  7. besham

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    Seems to me that for less experienced riders, you can go bigger on stock. However, once you get to a certian skill level you can really take advantage of the mods smaller size and lighter weight. Also, you should be more worried about how long you can stay on the rear wheel and how accurate you can be with your gaps. A fun thing to do is to try crushing cans with your back tire.
  8. oicdn

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    ^^^actually, you should be worried about how clean you are, and how good your balance is.....fuck everything else. Atleast, that's my mentality...
  9. DaneBrammage

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    Look who's talking.

    At my age (44) I'm not going to be setting any new trials records (except maybe the amount of Metamucil sipped between sessions.) By the same token I'm not hung up about my age or even really held back by how old I am. I expect myself to be 'current' at trials if I'm going to bust my balls to do it at all... and by current I mean: if gapping 6ft on a mod is pretty decent then I'll be happy to do 6ft, and I wont worry about the teens who have been riding for ages who can go lots further.

    Is there a certain amount of comparison against others in that statement? Of course there is you ignoramous. What the hell is new about that.

    p.s. my mentality could never be expressed in a simple trials forum post. If you want a telepathic history lesson of my mentality as it has existed down through the centuries just let me know. I'll see what I can do.
  10. Norco_125

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    Thats a real Shitty comment in my opinion.
  11. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound Steffen L.T.

    DaneBrammage, since you took what I said so strongly I feel the need to explain my comment more thoroughly.

    My point was simple, that I dont think riders should be so concerned about acheiving a certain distance or height before moving on to a new technique. Of course it's good to set goals, but I dont think it's good to take those goals too seriously, it can often take the fun out of things.

    I'm not interested, nor am I comenting, on your mentality of life in general. Lets not get carried away. The comment was addressing the mentality that your sentence led me to believe you had on learing techniques.

    btw, you called me an "ignoramous" based on my "simple trials forum post".

    If anybody wishes to discuss this further for some reason, please PM me directly instead of posting in this thread.
  12. DangerousDave

    DangerousDave Active Member

    Well Since I've switched between stock and mod for the past 5 years I can honestly say it takes much more skill to ride mod to the same level.

    You can't really be a hack on a mod bike. On a stock you can do an up and have your rear wheel land a bit low but still roll over the wall. on a mod if your wheel doens't hit perfect you stop. your momentum instantly dies. same thing with gaps. you have to be dead on and you have to use your body very effectively. Like I'm always in awe of the Elite riders like Cesar but now that i just bought another mod, you wonder how the hell they do it...
  13. bylsma

    bylsma New Member

    I agree with DangerousDave. I think there is more potential to go big on a mod but you have to be much more precise with your movements.
  14. jmlora

    jmlora New Member

    I agree with bylsma.
    If you´ve seen what TRA does on the echo team, going big on a mod bike is really possible. and if the elite riders are at that level, then the big move thing is again possible. I don´t take anything away from stock bikes, but mods are easier to handle.

    mod bike rider for 10 years
  15. Raub

    Raub Guest

    I recently switched back to stock after being on a Megamo Radical Mod for about 18 months, stock is actually waaay easier!!!

    Maybe it's because I started on one or something, but for me that's how it's turned out . . .