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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by RyanMcVicker, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. RyanMcVicker

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    A plan that I had when I started trials was to eventually ride both mod and stock at some points... So since I knew I would be on stock in the long run, I decided to ride mod first to try it out and get it out of the way. At the time I didn't have much knowledge about wheelbase length and how important it is, So I bought an older monty xlite mod. And now since I know my monty isn't the proper size mod for me, I was thinking about getting and riding on a bigger mod for a while like a team, lb, or python before I switch to stock.

    My question is: Is a newer/longer mod bike like the team, lb, or python much different feeling than my Monty xlite?

  2. Andreas

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    yes, yes it is. I own a 01 monty x lite, my friends lb long...well, it's like night and day. it's soooo much longer, it's really hard to even imagine. If you get one of these, it'll probably take a good week or so before you reach your previous skill level, from there it's all progress (which will come faster, to many). i know that pedaling up small stuff on my friends LB long was impossible, but that within just about 10 minutes or so, i was 'starting' to get used to it.
    so yes, it's WaAY different from your x lite, in a good way.

  3. AgrAde

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    they are very different feeling. the monty is easier to 'take with you' when you're doing a move. the longer mods are like tools, you have to use them properly to get what you want.

    i think. that hardly makes sense. its been too long since i've ridden a monty. either way, you'll love the new frame whatever it is.