MiddleBurn 16t ti bash?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Bigman 86, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. Bigman 86

    Bigman 86 Bigman, Because i am ;)

    I am getting one of the bash's later this week, just wondering how many people run them, and have u had any problems with them, like frequent snapping of chains etc? i will be running either a koxx chain or a KMC Kool chain, i don't think i will have any probs, as i don't usualy snap chains, but i just wanted to ask around.

    Thanks Adam.
  2. Ed Gildea

    Ed Gildea New Member

    cam kowal rides one and so dose kevin suramizu and they both love them and they work fine.

    just kevin likes to run $6 walmart chian

  3. atypical

    atypical Guest

    Alright, I'll bight- Why would chains snap more with this setup? If your ratio is still ~1.2 or so what's the big deal? Do the link's not agree with the bend and torque? HMZZZ? And who sells these Ti guards? In USA?
  4. Elan

    Elan steve french

    the 16T in front puts mroe stress on the chain than anything bigger... more power is transferred through the chain.

    the power comes out of the wheel at the same amount because of ratios, but the force on the chain links is greater.. if you can understand that?
  5. WhiteRavenKS

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    sort of elan- the chain is touching fewer teeth.... you put the same amount of stress down but across 7-9 teeth rather than 10-13 teeth and you concentrate the load over less teeth and thus less links in your chain. also the smaller diameter ring means that you are putting more torque down. its sort of like disk brakes, in order for a 6" to work as well as an 8" you must apply a lot more force, same concept applies to smaller chainrings.

    anyways- i love mine, i have hit it a few times really really really freaking hard. still good. the ti is pretty burly shit. you will need to run a bmx chain though, the bash barely covers the ring and if you hit at any kind of inward angle you will clip your chain in the impact too. if you run one of the kmc cool chains you will be fine- they are meant for bmx grinding chains anyways . enjoy that fancy new toy, the clearence is absurd with it.
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  6. hydroboy

    hydroboy "Jak se mas"

    my understanding is more like elans. i am finding it hard to think of how i can explain it though. Ill try...

    lets assume you have a chain which is un moveable due to a perfect magura (or a vee) that cannot let the brake slip at all. Then you try with a 16 tooth and a 24 tooth The smaller ring gives you a greater mechaincal advantage (surley you can see that, it moves less chain with the same ammount of force over the chain and it will snap more eaisly. The same can be applied to the resistance of the rear wheel when you are doing a pedal kick.
  7. WhiteRavenKS

    WhiteRavenKS Well-Known Member

    all three of us are saying the same thing in different, confusing, stupid ways. :)