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Michelin Pinch Flat 'Protection'

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Ok... i started a thread on this on Trials-Forum, and it just got out of hand (for a change..).

Anyway, I have this theory that the random slippery powder (similar to talcum power, the stuff you lob between baby's toes after a bath :p) inside my 2.5" Hot S rear tyre helps to prevent pinch flats by allowing the tube to slide rather than tearing it. I saw something on a BMX site about this too, they reckoned the same thing.
The reason i started thinking about this was because ive been rimming out harder than ever before trying to kill my cheese rim, and its still not flatted! (25PSI or less, standard MTB tube)

Anyone else?

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This technique is proven fact, it definitly works. I've used it off and on for years now, and whenever I do use it, it seems to work great.

I originally learned it watching the pro team mechanics change tires at world cup event in 1999, so this has been around for some time.
I'd have to agree with this theory, the tube just slides around so nicely when you have that powder in there, it seems invincible.
Its brand new technology- from 1991 mountain biking lol. What did the dumb fucks at trials forum whine about?

"oi tis bit knackerd n can't be arsed ta foo wit dat"

Irvine Welsh newz eh mimber oof de feken seeyt eh! As wiy yer fekin
raincoots fer sheggin de lassis,de oonce used talc .Erf ye slep on sem KY
er estroogleyd yer rebberz el neever pynch ep.
Em steel en eh fookin cooma!
does any one get this reference?

Winner gets a pet on de arse!
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The reference didn't translate as you cannot indent paragraphs. :dunno: Nevermind!
i feel that michelin is invicible.. i run 17psi, no pinch flats, yet many pinches..i also run a HD intense tube for some reason, though it is quite heavy. i will throw some ass powder in there for GP though..
Irvine Welsh wrote trainspotting... and many other good books.

that's all i know. i've read trainspotting 3 times.

talcum powder is not good for lubed condoms.
talcum powder is not good for lubed condoms.
whatsa matta? you no like a little cock dough?
i slap my balls with baby powder daily, it prevents satchyness.
i ran 14psi lastnight...jesus, no pinchflats yet. wowsa
Yes elan, you thought you had a flat at one point!! The tires are incredible!
I applied Goldbond medicated after a shave and JEEZIZCHRIST I've
had 25 broken bones and no pain to compare with a mentholated satch.
And no it did not help my pinchies.KY or Astroglide only.Vaseline will eat through yer rubbers.
yep, this has turned retarded and off-topic
let me get it back on track then...this is a stupid questioin but exactly what is the Michelin tire that I am supposed to use. Is it called c24.1 or something?
I've been using the Maxxis Minon DH 2.5 SRY and it is so awesome but just out of curiosity I want to try that Michelin that everyone runs with such low pressure...
'Comp 24' is the common name... 2.2" or 2.5" size.

I think the 'proper' name is Comp 24.1 though, as you rightly said :)
keep running that maxxis tire... the dual ply maxxis tires are just as nice of sidewalls as the michelin tires. in my mind there are only two acceptable tires to run in the trials world- maxxis and michelin. maxxis super tacky and slow reezay grip like a kung fu monkey. michelin is a close second. but second none the less. the only downside to maxxis tires is they can wear down a bit faster than the michelins.
Second none the less eh?...whats up with your tire sliding on out on that cOtrials 3 vid?? I've seen the rock, its grippy and small....
maxxis tires is they can wear down a bit faster than the michelins.
holy god yes, i got a highroller a month ago and its nearly gone :(
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