Michelin hot-s: used 2.1, new 2.5

Discussion in 'For Sale / Want to Buy' started by digby, Jul 9, 2004.

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    Does anyone want a red tire setup? Ive got two tires I dont use anymore, one hot-s 2.1 for the front, used it for a bit, maybe 2/3rds tread left and a nice abrasion on one sidewall but no holes in the tire or other abuse. One pretty much brand new hot-s 2.5 for the rear, put this on for a day but my ass is too fat to run this so I went back to a comp 16. If you are lighter weight(I'm close to pushing 200 pds, 14 stone for those of you on the metric system) or want that cool red tire kenny belay look or heavy and want to run a dh tube with this, it would be a pretty nice setup. email or pm me if your interested.

    $50 u.s. for both tires, + shipping probably $5-10 bucks