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    Today kids, we're gonna learn how to measure things!

    Candidate A:
    Commonly known as a ruler. Its big brother is called a tape measure. I dont have a tape measure to hand, but this should give you an idea. It has distance markings along it, to tell you how big stuff is. A tape measure is generally much longer/bigger than a ruler. This ruler has INCHES along the top, and CENTIMETRES along the bottom:

    Coming up is a little demo of how to measure stuff. You put the end of the markers ('Zero') at the start of the object, and run your tape/ruler alongside it. You then read off where the object finishes. Shouldnt be too hard for you to get the hang of :)

    A Practice Question:
    How long is this tape?

    1. 310 Ths
    2. Just under 3 inches
    3. 3 feet
    4. 6 pallets to bash


    If you said 4... you are wrong. 6 Pallets is about 36" high, and looks like this (thanks to Dave for the demo):

    1. Is also wrong, its complete bullshit, like a lot of the new topics Trials-Forum.

    3. Is pretty close, I suspect a lot of people measure using this technique. However, this would make me a giant, with 3ft long fingers, as shown here:

    Last, but by no means least, Congratulations to those who said answer 2, you were correct!!

    Now for bonus points, can anyone tell me how much 'just under 3 inches' is in centimetres? Or feet? Answers to the usual address, closest wins my ruler, signed by me, as you can see!!

    Now for a more tricky one...
    How long is my mouse? You'll have to be a bit of a 'Genuis' (ho ho ho) to get this one right!

    See what you think:

    Well I hope you learned a lot from that, I certainly did :)


    (No offence meant, just thought i'd lob this up here... Its aimed at the retards of Trials-Forum, who blatantly say stuff is bigger than it is... :cool: )
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    I always laugh when I hear people say they're sidehopping 4 - 5 ft. This is a great thread!

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    2.9" = 7.3659959cm...but the actual length of that tape is 2.75 inches, or 2 3/4" which would be.. 6.9849962cm. I want that ruler.
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    are you sure its not 4: 6 palletes to bash?

    Also 6 american pallets is a lot smaller than 6 euro pallets :)
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    The measuring device can be purchased at