Maxxis tyres?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Bigman 86, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. Bigman 86

    Bigman 86 Bigman, Because i am ;)

    I am looking to get a new tyre soon as my specialized is wearing fast, I am looking into either a 2.5 high roller or a 2.5 minion DH, I have heard that for a 2.5 they are abit small, which is good, if not I will get a 2.35.
    Also is it the super tacky that I should get, or is it the slow rezzy?
    And any others please state.
    And opinions from people have used them please, not people who have just seen them.

    Maxxis Minion tread pattern:

    Maxxis high roller tread patter:
  2. B1105

    B1105 New Member

    I have heard their both good as long as its in the super tacky compound. GOod luck

  3. Elan

    Elan steve french

    i dont know anybody who chooses to ride maxxis tires..everybody i know gets them from sponsorship or somthing similar. but then again , i have never ridden the maxxis tire, i just ride with someone who hates them.

    michelin comp 24.1 is my personal favorite however. if i were to get a maxxis for the rear it would be the 2.35 minion is Super Tacky (ST). i am going to get thsi tire next, through my shop because it is $18, so i will give it a go.
  4. atypical

    atypical Guest

    Bigman, Im riding the 2.7 mobster in 52durometer- got it for 22bucks thru cambriabike on hot sale. I'm 230 lbs now, have hit the rim on quite a few pedal ups and gaps and haven't pinched yet, runnin about 25psi. The best tire ive run, but haven't ridden many trials specific tires. I'm not to the point where super tacky would make a world of difference, I just ride a lot and need something to hold up without wearing down or pinching. I also have a try-all 2.5 on the front- it's a nice tire, no probs- maybe for a comp i'd put it on rear and ride my old geax up front, but in sport I'd be kidding myself about it mattering.
  5. DanBowhers

    DanBowhers I farted.

    I choose to ride Maxxis tires. I won a pair of Mobsters at the 2nd Lake Placid event rode them, loved them and then got sponsored by them. I think they are a great tire. I have ridden the Michelin and its great too, but personally I like a little more size and the Mobster in a 2.5 is just a bit bigger than my michelin was, but not as ginormous as the 2.5 michelin is. I think the High Roller is a good all around tire, lots of people use it for trials and it works pretty well. I will however say the mobster is still my fav.
  6. sebLG

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    maxxis minion dh Slow Reezay is an awsome tyre. very sticky and pinch proof and just feels awsome. i cant roll it either lol, although i am super duper light but i also run super duper low pressure. but yeah, so far unrolled, and i even TRIED to roll it, seriously ... anyway i recomend the minion slow reezay its awsome, bet=ter than my michelin was, and cheaper.
  7. AgrAde

    AgrAde From your head to your fists

    i have a 2.5 minion ST on here at the moment. with a dx32 rim i couldnt roll it - apart from when i took it down to 5PSI but that doesn't really count.
    at the moment it is at 15PSI. i hit my rim often but never pinch. never fails to grip stuff, although i can't compare it to a michelin because to tell you the truth, i have never tried one.

    if you land on something on an uncanny angle with a bit of force the tyre tends to bounce you off at an even more uncanny angle, but that only happens to me if i screw something up and land slightly bung, so no matter.
  8. mikeschiavone

    mikeschiavone Active Member

    i used to run michelin 24.1 comp in a 2.2 and 2.5. out in croatia, i used j. scooby's mazzis minion2.5 sloww reazay on the back, and i loved it. i will be buying maxxis instead of michelins from now on. the maxxis is little more livier.

    michelins are a close second though