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Maxxis Tyres.

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Maxxis Tyres. There has been a fair bit of hype about these maxxis tyre cruzing the streets (and rocks :Wavey: ) Im wondering what people are running front and rear, including all the different options that maxxis have so many of. Thanks for your time.
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maxxis single-ply 2.35 high roller on the front and a maxxis dual ply 2.5 minion on the rear both are super tacky compond.
Irc el-gato front and michelin comp 24 rear.
Okay guys. Dont mean to be rude but i realy dont care bout your setups if they arnt maxxis. daveN, do you have any troubles with rolling on that rear tyre when riding natural? what sort of pressues do you run? Is super tacky 42a or 40?
i run dual ply minion dhR 2.5 in the back on a dx-32. its the best rim/tire combo i have ever tried. it doesnt roll- the casing is good stuff. i run about 20 psi usually, sometimes as low as 15 psi- i weigh about 145 pounds if that matters. super tacky is 42a.

for the front i run a high roller 2.35 dual ply super tacky. i will likely be running single ply though instead this next year.

maxxis tires are the shizz. get some and belive the hype.
that minion you run, is it super tacky?
Yeah, his Minion is Super Tacky, as is mine. I love the tire too.. works great and doesn't wear as fast as the SLow Reezay. I run mine with a Koxx rim in the back and I can run crazy low pressure.
Kevin, you've told me that super tacky is the way to go over slow reezay, but I can't remember your reasoning. If you could let us know I'd appreciate it.

Bill said:
Kevin, you've told me that super tacky is the way to go over slow reezay, but I can't remember your reasoning. If you could let us know I'd appreciate it.

actually the super tacky is suppoesed to wear faster. the slow reezaay is supposed to mould over the obstacles. the slow reezaay is supposed to rebound slower. hence the name slow reezaay. and the super tacky is sticky. so sorta better grip. but faster wear. basically 42a=sticky 40a=soft.
Both my tires are super tacky, from what I was told the slow reezay compound is too soft or something to where the knob just break off.
I run around 20 psi in the rear and inbetween 15 and 20 psi in the front. My rear rim is a alex DX 32 and it has never rolled or pinched (yet) my front is a try-all, never roll or pinch as well. Also I weigh about 160lb if that helps
the durrometer difference between the two is only two little numbers but the compounds themselves are way different. the way they get the different properties is through different types and amounts of oils in the rubber. the slow reezay is softer but it has more oil and different kinds of oils in it than super tacky. it applies mroe to downhill racing than trials on which tires are better for which conditions (ie- roots, dry, hardpack, clay, etc) but for trials, they are booth as sticky.

the creepy crawler tires i have been getting lately have been super tacky. the reason i was told they went with that was because the side knobs tend to fold off the casing with the slow reezay compound. i guess with downhill the cornering knobs are as stressed because the tire is rolling where as in trials we are generally hardly going anywhere when we are using out side knobs and the stress load on the lugs is greater. after a little bit they just start to peel off the casing. you can counter this by trimming them down about 1/3-1/2 of their fresh knob hieght but it's just easier to go with super tacky which has much less tendancy to let knobs rip off.

ok, i hope that made sense... as for my stuff- i run super tacky. i have lost a few knobs in the past on some beat ass tires but it has not really ever been a problem. my tires will often have little stress cracks around the side knobs that creep down around the knob over time. it hasnt been a problem though because by the time they look like trouble the tire is all worn down and the casing is all beat up and it's time for a new tire anyways.
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How many hours riding do you think you would get out of one super tacky tire? Sounds like they wear super quick. Thanks heaps for all the replys.
I'd been contemplating back and forth whether to go with a Michelin or a Maxxis tire combo. Currently using El Gato front and rear. Think I'll give the Maxxis a try.

A couple questions:

I'd been looking at the Minion DHR as folks have commented on for the rear, but I had looked at the 2.35 Larsen TT for the front. Any experience with this tire? The High Roller has been second on my thoughts for the front.

Second question, any recommendations for an online shop to buy these from? I've got one LBS that is complete arseholes about special orders (though they do carry Maxxis), another that only knows road bikes, and another I refuse to deal with anymore.
hydro- my maxxis tires were brand new at worlds and i just now through on a new rear tire like last week i think. the tire i took off was still good but i sold it to a buddy- i imagine it still has another month left in it. my front is still doing fine. you could probably get about 3 solid months of in season riding in on a rear tire, maybe 4 on a front. not too bad considering they freakin reign supreme.

zyzzyx- get rid of that el gato set up!!! if you put a maxxis within ten feet of your bike it will scare those el gatos into a corner wimpering like a little school girl! but no seriously- minion DHR for the rear for sure. the larsen tt is a great tire. i like the high roller better myself but that's not to say the larsen isnt a really kick ass tire also. im going to try the minion dhF next though in a 2.35 single ply.
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Ive been running the Larsen TT 2.35 super tacky on the rear for a couple of months now. Ive decided to dispose of it as it doesnt feel stable enough on the rear for me. Grippy as hell though.

The TT probably wouldnt be too crash hot for the front as it has a pretty round high profile, i get the feeling the squarer lower profile tyres on the front are the go.

There are too many tyres to choose from, and im confusticated and bebothered.
single ply? eewwwww..you have to be smooth, which is :greddy: :rofl:
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