Maxxis single ply??

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Bloodhound, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound Steffen L.T.

    How thin are these? can they still be used? does anybody use them? the weight savings would be awesome, but will I pinch every ride or something?

    The sidewalls on my current 2year old tioga are made of paper, I pinch semi-often,
    How would the maxxis minion 42d 2,35" 1-ply compare?

    Thanks a bunch'
  2. BrettM

    BrettM New Member

    Just so you know if you decided to get one it is near impossible in Canada. We are a bunch of huckers apparently and only ride the shore so the distributor doesn't bring in any single ply tires.

  3. hydroboy

    hydroboy "Jak se mas"

    i personaly wouldnt run one on the rear, and im thinking of getting a dual ply for the front too.
  4. felix

    felix New Member

    I rode a high roller 2.35" single ply on the rear with a dx32 few month ago.
    Grip and weight were quite good, pinch resistance was also okay for the weight.
    The tire felt very bouncy, but also folded very very much.
    For urban use this did hardly matter, but while riding natural it caused loads of trouble.

    If you're very light, smooth and have a wide rear rim, a single ply tire might be acceptable as a rear tire, otherwise get a dual ply!
  5. Chris

    Chris Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't recommend using it as a rear tyre. I rode a minion 2.35 42st single ply couple of weeks ago. Grip is awesome and it didn't fold on my 47mm tryall rim.., but there was hardly any pinch resistance and it didn't bounce that well, even if you run it with lower pressure.. the sidewalls are too thin.
  6. seattletrials

    seattletrials New Member

    my friend is running those front and rear on his bike, and he has 47mm tryall rims too. he's never been happier, he's had michies, geax, and dual ply maxxis. he likes the dual ply because he can just smash into stuf and it doesn't really matter as much, but the way the single ply sidewalls feel more lively provides for a much better ride all around. true you can run stupid low pressure, but it doesn't matter because you have so much grip to begin with , that it deosn't really matter. I'm running single ply intence xc tire on the rear and have been for a little while, and so far i haven't had any problems. but we'll see as time goes on.