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...also remember the video is from abut an hr and a half of riding... we rode more on the other side of the chasm but bowhers got lazy :joshers: and put the camera away, figures i only rode my stock bike on the second half of the ride (im on the brisa in the video...yep)

Ed, the place is definatly always worth the drive, there is alot more there you didnt see. huge amounts of boulders in the woods father down the road, and very little brush in the way, if any.

but good job dan for throwing that together quickly with a shotty program for editing, hopefully you will get a legit program soon?

if you couldnt tell, it was filmed in late december or so during our 'heat wave' with temperatures in the low 50's....now only if the snow down here in New Haven, CT would just melt it would be great (have a good foot of snow or more on the ground now...)...but I guess there is only 1 inch of snow at my home in Mass although....

wow what a pointless post

-Mike Umbarger
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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