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Insert shameless self plug here:

now available in stunning EYE-Max film technology! why buy a video that will fail to leave cream in your jeans and skid marks in your trousers? why buy a video that is hyped up forever and fails to deliver? (well i hyped mine up for a long time but much like Domino's- I deliver shite!)

For the low low price of an arm and a leg ($30 US plus a few bones for the mail) you could be sitting in a pool of your own tears as you watch just how stupidly good the euro's can be... You will get the original full version of Paradise Found with riding from all sorts of kick ass colorado goods and the Jeremy Vanschoonhoven stop in denver (filmed by PANCHO ANDERSON) and the croatia training camp with the gernam national squad tof trials guru's and their master Marco Hosel. In the special super -amazing- too cool for school- director's cut bonus disk you will get a trials bullet that will blow your mind right into the toilet so hard it will flush itself. Not only will you get full dv quality versions of CO Trials 3 and 4 (not nearly as exciting as what else you get) but you will also be blessed with footage of the 2003 UCI Worlds in Lugano Switzerland... and (prep thy self for amazement) an exclusive look into the Coustellier camp's idea of what "warming up" really is. (here's a hint- their warm up is above our top pro type stuff in North America)

that's right everyone. if you are a fan of uci riding or you are just plain not crazy, this video is an "essiential" for you collection. the new yourk timez calls it "a masterpiece of unparalleled goodness" - with a source like that how can you not believe it!

people who have already purchased a PF dvd will get a special price on the DC disk- contact me if this applies to you. buyers of the grommits will get a super secret deal on the bonus disk... if this applies to you, contact me. if you think you can sell 4 or 5 copies to your friends- establish a dealer program with me and get some money rolling for yourself at the same time- again, contact me.

email is: [email protected]

post here with any questions or comments.

by the way- the above is all in good humor- dont take offense to any of it... its meant to be stupid... but stupid in a "haha" way not stupid in a "i hate this guy already, i will never buy his movie" kind of way
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