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    hey all, building up a new woodman elite frame, for some urban and whatnot, but it has dedicated hs33 mounts, never had these brakes befor but they seem to be fairly decent, kind of the standard for trials. any tips on setting them up. also, i know the brake comes with the evolution adapter thing for vee mounts, but what do i do about my 4 boult set up.

    any help would be appreciated
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    I can give you the quick answer too: you have to buy $26.00 4-bolt mounts

    You'll need one set of the mounts for the rear, and another for the front if you're running front and rear.

    The next thing you need to know is that not all 4-bolt mounts are created equal.

    In general, 4-bolt mounts expect a DX32 rim. Anything skinnier, and it won't work. Wider might work (EG: Tryall) but doesn't always (EG: Tryall + Zoo 4-bolt doesn't work).

    The 4-bolt mounts are very dedicated. Not just to magura brakes, but also to DX32 or similar width rims.

    I found this all out the hard way, and to the best of my knowledge, even the cult webpage won't get you this info.

    - Ahigh / Aaron

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    Save yourself some money and get the mounts from Tim at trialsin, they are only $15 there. I don't think the mounts themselves are designed for wide rims, however they do not allow for much adjustment inwards or outwards like the evo adapters do. Rather the width of the frame is the deciding factor in what size rim will be required. I've got a RhynoLite XL on my BT and it just barely works, and I mean barely.
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    The problem is not that the Magura mounts (EVO or 4-bolt) are specifically designed for a certain width rim but that the Woodman and many other frames are. I know three guys around here with Woodman Elites and they all had to switch to rims as wide as, if not wider than, the Alex DX32s in order to get their Maguras working right. One guy even tried V's in the back and still had to manipulate them to reach a skinny rim.

    Do yourself a favor, get the widest rear rim you can fit.
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    yeah, i've got a dx32 in the back with an xt hub, so i think i'ma be alright, but i have to order the 4 bolt adapter also, that's no good
  7. I run rynolyte XLs on my elite and my magigies work fine