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    Anybody ever spend some time out in Lynchburg, Roanoke, Blacksburg area? As we narrow down our search for relocating we are really thinking about this area.

    Any people ever spent some time riding out here? My wife likes Lynchburg, but so far I can't find anything worth riding. I loved Blacksburg (my wife didn't of course) and it seems like Virginia Tech could be a great place to ride, just wondering if people have expereince getting kicked out (or not) by security there.

    Any other super cool places to ride in VA would be appreciated. Raleigh NC turned out to be an awesome city for Urban :)

  2. Tonan

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    Craig, I think down by the Roanoke River there are some rocks (banks and bed) to ride when the water is low, check in with the white water kayak crowd or a local outfitter.
    Beautiful spot to be this time of year.

  3. NateE

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    Va Tech campus police are nazi's....the boot comes as soon as you pull your bike out.

    What's the reason for that area? Why not look at Greenville, SC or the surrounding areas? Guaranteed she'll fall in love with Greenville if she comes here....I had ZERO plans of staying in SC but ended up living here and settling down because you have all the amenities of the bigger cities without all the traffic....and it's cycling friendly. Lots of natural AND urban.
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    I spent a week in Roanoke riding mtn bikes and the area is great with a lot of singletrack. There has to be trials spots with the sandstone rock everywhere. Really cool area.
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    VA tech is a great campus for riding. I rode there once earlier this year, but before that not since 2007 or so. Couldn't comment on how enthusiastic the police are these days.
    There are several sporty spots for riding natty in Blacksburg, but you're going to have to get in the car and drive somewhere for expert/pro natty.
    Blacksburg has very good mountain biking accessible from town--no loading up the car needed. And Blacksburg has the BEST road biking. The area is full of beautiful empty roads through valleys and mountains.

    I moved to Charlottesville a year ago, and I wouldn't recommend it. House prices are insane, the university campus is tiny and was designed without bike trials in mind. Road riding is terrible- it's full of country roads around here, but they are all completely clogged with traffic. Mountain biking is the one bright sport of Charlottesville.
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    Thanks for the help guys!

    Right now it's looking like we're going to zero in on the Raleigh Durham area long term. I sprained my ankle pretty bad while we were in the Lynchburg / Roanoke area and wasn't able ride. Actually, I was barely able to walk.

    Nate, Greenville is pretty neat, but it's farther south than we are considering. Raleigh is already a few hours further south than we want to be. There is a chance we might be in Greenville for a bit this winter though. We stopped by for a few hours in March on our way back from FL and really enjoyed it. (If we make plans to spend time there I'll definitely get in touch!!)

    Today we're driving up to Williamsburg and will be checking out N. VA for a few weeks.

    Spending some time in Blacksburg, I would be a bit worried about campus police at VT. If they were chill it could be a great riding experience. But there isn't a ton around that's not owned by VT, so it could be a letdown if they were strict.

    CRACKS New Member

    I can't really say much about "pure trials" spot's but I ride street in Roanoke and franklin counties and I never have any problem's. Roanoke is a real outdoors type of community so for the most part people don't pay attention as long as your not causing trouble plus we have the Go Fest every year and Jeff Lanosky show's up to put on a show.
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    I would look at Roanoke before Lynchburg but Blacksburg is a great spot. If I were moving back to that area I would likely end up out in the Floyd area. Easy access to Blacksburg. I have outrun those VT campus cops plenty of times, only caught me once while skateboarding.
  9. cwtrials

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    A little late... but if you were skateboarding you probably deserved it. :greddy2: lol

    We've really starting to focus in on the Raleigh / Durham NC area. Although we are going to spend some time checking out Charlotte and Winston / Salem. Found some decent riding in this area... and if there are any riders in the Raleigh / Durham area I'd love to get in touch!!!