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Louisville ride

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The 19th of october were having a big group ride in downtown Louisville, we'll propobly meet around 10 am at the usual lot by the wharf. Looks like there will be a few camera's there so some good footage should come out of it.
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Do you mind posting the exact address? Because I want to see how far away it is from here.
The address would be great. I am also interested.
Its 131 River road. Thats for Joes crab shack but you'll pull in the lot to get to joes and take a left and we will be all the way at the end under the overpass by the concrete banks.
:werd: I'll be there, And I'm working on bringing a few DH/Freeride/street/26"skatepark type guys with me. Is the plan to end up at the skatepark after an urban session? Or is this a trials only type thing? How are the cops around there? Andy, It will be cool to ride with you and the other bikeminded fools again, as well as a few Boilermakers.
I'm bringing my camera.

Chances are since there will be some bigshot street riders with us the skatepark will be first. As far as the cops there no real threat, usually we have some bike cops come to yell at us but the end up watching us for a while and are real cool about it. I'm real stoked to ride now that I have a urban trials set up and I no longer have a back injury. Looks like it will be the best of the louisville rides so far.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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