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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by toni, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. toni

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    I have a brand new try-all front freewheel and it’s skipping at unexpected times and makes a very loud crack noise. Is there something faulty with it because it’s only new? I would very much appreciate advice on how to fix this problem if it not too late

    Thank you
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    Did u spend the extra green for a white industriees eno? maybe you should've lol... if u did, it could be your chain...

    good luck with that!

  3. hydroboy

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    He lives in australia, green = ugly us money.

    What you need to do dude is locktite it.

    Here is a post written by Joel (tomac) on the canberratrials forum.

    edit - wow, a crosspost of a crosspost.
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    a crosspost from a crosspost from a blast-from-the-past board no less !

    loctiting it will help if the top cap is loose, and allowing the pawl mechanism to slide around. Agrade and others also condone spot-welding it, but in the absence of welding equipment loctiting is probably better.

    In the first paragraph spacers are mentioned, I've come across a few freewheels which have been over or under-dosed with spacers. More often the problem is overdosing, which allows for excessive play in the top cap, and therefore in the pawls, if you can tighten down your top cap and still get more than 2 or so mm of play then take out a spacer. They're just round bits of foil really.

    If you are indeed in Aus, I agree, green is evil, but becoming less so thanks to Bush, and you can apparently get WI stuff pretty easily through the Australian http://shifterbikes.homestead.com/WhiteIndustries.html .

    You're welcome.

    edit: WI trials eno freewheels through above link for $165au is an awesome price.

    - Joel
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  5. AgrAde

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    holy shit, 165 AUD for a WI eno? that's insane.
    was thinking of buying one, will stick to $27 AUD acs claws now. what do you get the acs for in aus?
  6. pav

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    ACS are about 27 AUD here, and if locktiting it doesnt work then weld the cap thing onto the freewheel, just weld the edge of the cap onto the main inner body that screws on the crank and it will be fine, be sure to tigthen it first, or get a new one because sometimes if they skip they mangulate inside and then if you tighten it and weld it they will still skip, but if you do it to a new one there will be no problems, will be super reliable too.

  7. tomacropod

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    165 is for the trials 72pt eno, the standard is cheaper, and that's for a completely rebuildable freewheel for which you can order spares and which has a sealed bearing for long long life.

    I'd go it if I had a front freewheel, cheaper than a king BMX hub. Almost cheaper than a King Kog in this Kountry.

    - Joel