Los Altos GROUP RIDE 8/25 Wednesday

Discussion in 'West Coast, USA' started by Andreas, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    everybody that can please show up. so far it's going to be me and jon bott from down south, so lets make this happen! we'll be riding at McKenzie, maybe Heritage Oaks, and definately Marrymeed. I think he is going to be at my place at 1 30, so anytime after that, gimme a ring at 650 814 0024 if you can make it. i'll let you know where we will be so we can hook up. it should be pretty fun! i'll try and also get other locals to show.

    i hope to see a few people there!
  2. jobottDMB

    jobottDMB New Member

    ya because no one replied to my "I need a place to stay" thread I get to stay with my lovely aunt...:( but Im leaving here around 7AM without stopping much so I should get to Andreas about 130 2 oclock im hoping and ill be able to ride till about 530 then i gotta hit the road again at 6 so I hope i get to see some local out there but if I miss you this time I'll proly ride with you next time because Ill be livin in sac so ya hope to see u guys out there tommorrow.


  3. katoom

    katoom New Member


    I can't make it. I''m probably out for weeks (longer?) with some kind of weird
    knee problem. Doesn't appear to be a trials injury, though.

  4. txtrials

    txtrials Guest

    I would have, but work is slammed this week, and I've been off the bike for a while. As soon as I get back from vacation, I'm going to start trialsin again.