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Discussion in 'South/South West, USA' started by Ciga, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. Ciga

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    hey, i was wondering if there are any riders that live in the central florida area like sebring or around there? i just hate riding alone and find it so much more awsome to ride with others for motivation and fun
  2. trialsian

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    Hey, I used to live in Tampa and had the same problem... now I am in Austin, we have a few riders here (most beginners) and a bunch in Dallas... it's made a big difference in motivation and progression. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I feel for you. On the weekends, you might want to think about hooking up with the Orlando urban riders or the Miami guys... I don't know of any dedicated trials guys with them, but when I had friends ride with them, they told me that the guys were using a lot of trials techniques in some of the urban stuff. Good luck!

  3. Patrick

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    where is the Cirque de Soleil? it's somewhere in Florida. Doug White and Lance Trappe are riding down there.. old skoool
  4. Shipley

    Shipley ..........

    Doug retired from Cirque (which is right here in Orlando near Disney) and moved up to NC sadly- awesome guy.. used to ride at his house, Lance took his place. My buddy Mike is Lance's backup.

    Ciga there's about 4 or 5 trials riders here in Orlando-not to mention Lance but he doesn't ride really outside the show. 3 of us that ride together all the time. There's also 3 more great riders down in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area. Always looking for more people to ride with so PM me anytime or put up a post and we can set something up. Tuesday nights are def every week with Wed too usually now. Weekends have turned into early morning rides because my schedule sucks right now.

    Glad to hear there's another rider here we didn't know about.
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  5. Ciga

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    awsome, im glad im not alone in this part of the world. for now, i dont think that i will be able to make it to orlando to ride but if i can, ill let u know.