Looking for a bike for a short newbie

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Lumune, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Lumune

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    I am new to trails (actually new to bikes) and I am looking for a bike which fit me. I have seen some of the trail bikes in a recent bike show, but b/c I am a short person, only 5'6", those stock bikes seem too big for me.

    But, I would prefer to have a 26", since I'll be using it to go from place to place, looks like to me a 20" will takes forever to go anywhere.

    Also, no need to worry abt I will grow, b/c I won't, since i'm 21 already.

    And I'll be riding in the city most of the time. (is this what they call street riding?)

    Is there a bike suitable for me?

    Thx in advanced~~~
  2. tomacropod

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    as for trail bikes, you should have no problems, the bulk of the products produced by the MTB industry today are designed for casual trail riding/freeriding or similar.

    As this is a trials site however, you may have more luck asking at www.mountainbikereview.com 's messageboard which has a lot more trail riders subscribed.

    - Joel

  3. sotsog

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    i'm sure he meant trials,

    You might want to look for a shorter wheelbase, that is your best bet, mod ain't that hard to ride, it's just the fact that you can't vary your gears, 2 miles is fine to ride on a mod.
  4. Ross

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    I too vote for Planet X Zebdi.