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Little Natural vid of me

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Nothing special, just something i threw together after my ride yesterday by myself :down:

nothing special in editing or riding but its something to download while video 13 is in production

www.canberratrials.com video is on the home page

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I liked it a lot actually. Very nice riding style, I really like two wheel natural riding, only using rear wheel when necessary. The music was nice and chill, just like the riding, and the intro I thought was pretty cool. Keep it up, I've really grown to like your vids :bigthumb:
Really nice video considering you had to film yourself! When is the next canberra going to come out?
who knows, it will probably take a fair while, that is why im making these little videos in the mean time. i would like to make video 13 better than 12, that is why i am in no hurry to get it finished.

Thanks for the replys so far :drool:

Good stuff. I guess filming yourself is not too bad provided you have enough tape :)
Nice one alex- i really like the song picked as well as the style of the video....you're jerky style however...

:p Just fucking with you, and whats up with all that run up for that rock! ;)
This may sound corny, but thats one of the best trials vids I've every seen.

-The camara angles were just how I like em' Still and simple so you can see whats goin on.

-Great editing! Simple in the parts where needed but so real tech stuff to put speed and interest in the vid.

-Amazing terrain, amazing day!

- very good riding, that big drop could have beed done smoother with some style though...

Definately a keeper on the podium, congrats!
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i think you have to cosider he filmed that in an hour or so. also it is summer here, it sucks. We dont get snow in winter not settling any way.
great vid - starring MY FRONT WHEEL !!!

excellent Alex - looks like you've attempted all of the "not today" lines with no hesitation on your own - maybe we should leave you by yourself out there more often !!

no need to return that wheel anytime soon either - I got myself THAT roox thelma XC front hub - and built myself up a new XC wheel with that old LX hub...so now I am not short of wheels...

nice to see I'm not the only one with an unquenchable drinking habit - I don't feel bad though - been out in this heat all week - fencing on monday and tuesday all day in the hot sun - spraying serrated tussock and thistles today for 10 hours - and tomorrow. I think I'll start at around 5am to avoid the sun tomorrow.

great vid BTW - and not just because I'm featured (on canberratrials, not this video) either...

- Joel
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