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listerine + vodka = mmmm... goodness

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Take listerene and some vodka(or any 40% alcohol liquid) mix them together. Then apply it using a paper towel to the rim. Let it dry for 2mins. Works for like 3~4hrs which is better than tar plus also keeps the wheel clean. I use a bombshell painted rim and spanish fly pads and a V brake. The results are always amazing... mmm vodka... :D
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uhhh... how did ypu come up with that idea? :joshers:
Sounds like a horrible way to throw out some vodka and good breath.

grind or nothing.
ahh that would fuckin burn going down ,vodka and listerine. I'm gunna try it.
Looks like we've got a bunch of smartasses here Roman... Thanks for the good idea, but aren't you under age? :naughty:
That’s blasphemy; you can’t squander good or even shitty vodka on that!! At least you tried something new tho.
here's a better idea: grind your rim.
smirnoff vodka is poo and I don't feel bad about wasting it. Now Stoli, Stoli gold, or Grey Goose would be a different issue. Then I would have to slap myself... As far as grinding goes. I am not a big fan of it mainly because you can grind the rim only so much and it chews up the pads quicker.
If you want good braking, there is NOTHING but a grind. Holds in the wet, holds in mud, holds in everything but an iced up rim.

Show me one person who's grinded a rim so far down that theres nothing left. I've gone over a year on a rim, with constant grinds, with little effect to the width of the sidewalls...the pad issue- depends on the rim. On my monty mod rim I went through pads in like 2 months. On a dx 32 I had the same pads for over a year, and they hadn't gone down at all. Monty rims are super soft, dx are pretty hard.
how often did you have to grind and what sort of pads have you used? Also what was the average time it took to get a good grind?
I grind like once every couple months and you can get a really good grind on one wheel in less than 10 minutes as long as you use the right disk. Plazmatic pads work great, but I tried Graham Wilhelm's koxx bloxx and I've ordered a pair :D They are going to be AMAZING!

what about mixing some residue from a bong some wild turkey wiskey and some visine, it does wonders, it works for hydro fluid, rim junk and liquid grip lock
A word of advice, dont drink listerine and vodka. It is not forgiving.
Yo Billy, email me your address and I'll send you some pads.

Tryall America said:
Yo Billy, email me your address and I'll send you some pads.

If you're coming down friday, you should just bring em with and I'll have cash.
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