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Level boss 1100

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What would you pay for a brand new lb 1100 ridden by yours truly, a record number of 3 times! :eek3:
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a better question is what do you want for it? complete bike, or just frame and fork?
Oooohh very tempting. Yeah how much moolaa do you want for it?
i'll give you $1200 for the whole thing.
Still for sale tee hee
heres whats on it:

Level boss 1100 frame (ridden under 10 times, immaculate)
try all stem (brand new)
try all handlebar (brand new)
XTR front brake (4 months old)
Front Salsa booster (you need it w/fork)
Zoo fork (this is the oldest part, from february)
magura HS-33 rear brake
Threshold Booster
Chris King headset (pewter)
Kore ti skewer for the front wheel
XT skewer for the rear wheel
Try-All square cranks (very clean)
Try-All bashring (one scratch, brand new)
Try-All bottom bracket
Rohloff Chain
White Industries freewheel, 18 tooth
Surly instigator (I have various deraillers if you want...no houseing though- ultegra and dura ace available)
Dura ace cassette
Michelin 24.1 in the rear
Michelin Hot S in the front

Rear wheel:
Try-all fixed rear hub
Try-all 47MM rim
14/15 double butted DT spokes
Brass nipples

Front wheel:
Chris King classic hub
Bontrager Valient ceramic rim
DT revolution Spokes
Black brass nipples

I also have 2 or 3 other front wheels that you can try (disc wheels w/big rims, an xt-517 wheel...) if you want.

Anyone that knows me knows I ride softly.

EDIT: forgot, mint condition VP pedals and azonic short medium compound grips, brand new as well.
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hell_boy said:
i'll give you $1200 for the whole thing.
Sounds good hell_boy.

plus hundreds of dollars. :fawk:
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Well thats it, the koxx is sold. Toodles!
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