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· steve french
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found the cure to the all teh world's problems, whiche were many, including (but not limited to): AIDS, Alcoholism, Population, pollution, insect-laying-of-eggs-in-the-ear, and...

· Aluminum is for recycling
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So manholeinsectlayingeggsintheear.com became the most profitable
website since OTN to be hosted by a one eyed ,part parrot ,part pirate,pilates instructor to ever sail the flat earth ,both sides of it in the hull of a watermelon.He lived off the metal parts broken from trials bikes.
And pooped rollerblades for the enjoyment of metrosexual gay youth
who ride motorcycles in pink velvet crotchless chaps to raise awareness
of the persecution of three legged pigmy wombats native to australasia.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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