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Lets all add to a story about a pirate named jim

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Jim though it was all good in pirateland until, he got the news that...
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sailed his boat to...
Bitter Andrew
took him back to his ship and put him in a cage then he...
made way towards the setting sun to his home, the island of cuba, but it wasnt cuba then.
there he conducted an experiment where he inserted plutonium in his captive's anus and some others where he...
found the cure to the all teh world's problems, whiche were many, including (but not limited to): AIDS, Alcoholism, Population, pollution, insect-laying-of-eggs-in-the-ear, and...
Let's not make this site into biketrials.gay. In fact this might be the gayest thing I've ever seen on a web site, besides manhole.com
there goes all me steam..now i cant even possibly begin to make creative stories. damnit. :joshers:
So manholeinsectlayingeggsintheear.com became the most profitable
website since OTN to be hosted by a one eyed ,part parrot ,part pirate,pilates instructor to ever sail the flat earth ,both sides of it in the hull of a watermelon.He lived off the metal parts broken from trials bikes.
And pooped rollerblades for the enjoyment of metrosexual gay youth
who ride motorcycles in pink velvet crotchless chaps to raise awareness
of the persecution of three legged pigmy wombats native to australasia.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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