Lenosky and Lutze demos in MN this weekend

Discussion in 'Midwest, USA' started by PJL, Jun 10, 2004.

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    Hey all,
    If you want to catch a demo with Aaron Lutze (Team Planet X and producer of Match Videozine, among others) and Jeff Lenosky check out the Great River Energy Bike Festival this weekend.


    I will be heading up to Virginia, MN today to catch the racing and demos there, but on Friday the race heads down to the Twin Cities and continues until Sunday. The site doesn't have a firm schedule for the demos listed but I think they just perform every half hour or so throughout the day. If you want to see Lenosky I'm guessing that your best bet is the stuff on Friday in Minneapolis.

    I went to the demo in Stillwater last year and met Aaron. The demo isn't groudbreaking but between the shows you can hang out and bs with the riders. Also a lot of great roadracing if that is your bag.