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Lance Kleffman - Does anyone know him?

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Does anyone here know Lance Kleffman and any contact information?

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Yo, I do but I won't just give that stuff out for free........ $40 bucks. Cole, I'll email him your info. Just curious.....why do you want his goods?
When he was at Squamish he was doing some crazy stunts on foot: flips off of stuff, etc. I was wondering if he has any video footage or anything and how he learned.
I remember that. He made the dude we call the perv look like an amateur. Perv can do the backflips and backflip 360s. This Lance guy was fucking crazy. He ran at this log and jumped like 10 feet of distance like he was gonna bellyflop, then at the very last second did the front flip. So crazy.
For sure, that was probably the insanest thing I've ever seen in person.
I know him...he is me. Cole, all the footage I have is old and on vid...I really need to get stuff filmed w/ a digital camera. Glad you guys liked the tricks. Hopefully, I'll be back up there this year. I'll PM you with my email.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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