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Discussion in 'West Coast, USA' started by Nikolai, Aug 31, 2004.

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    The famous Berryessa ride spot. about 300meters long, all with rocks like this.

    Can you see where I had just been sitting? Rider is Justin B.


    Notice it's entirely in the shade.


    This place is a pretty serious creek after a few rains. It doesn't really dry out until May or so.
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    Damn, that place looks fun :bigthumb:

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    If it had been anyone other than you nikolai, I wouldve automatically assumed that they were drunk and peed their pants while sitting down.

    If we ever go on a road trip, I will bring a tarp for you to sit on.

    berryessa looks pretty cool, I'm guessing those rocks are pretty slick since theyre river rocks. We should go sometime soon if you get off gimp status.
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    Awesome, there is so many super nice places in California. Best one around here is some rivers that flow into the mountain. And the foothills have tons of rocks, about 20 minute drive.
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    i went driving for an hour in sac and i didn't see more than 6 rocks bigger than my fist in the entire drive. Sac has like 50 parks and 5 rocks divided among them but I'm going looking again tommorrow...anyone know of any places i should check out???
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    Lake Berryessa--
    Take 128 through Winters headed west. After 10 or so minutes, you'll be in a narrow valley and pass by an ugly trailer park. Right after this you cross a bridge over the creek. Immediately after the creek, turn Right into a dirt parking lot. Walk towards the dam and you can't miss the rocks

    Auburn Confluence
    Either at Mammoth Bar mototrials park or at the confluence itself. Do yourself a google search to figure out how to get there.

    80 West to the West Texas/Rockville Hills exit. Head north on that road until you see a sign for Rockville Hills Park. The rocks are about a mile uphill and theres no way you'll find them unless you ask the mountainbikers that frequent the park, "Where is the Rockgarden?"

    Beals Point
    50 West to Folsom Road. Head north until you see the Beals Point sign. It costs 7 dollars to get into this park.

    Near You
    Get on the American River Perkway and head out of Campus past the water treatment plant (Upstream). Go until the path goes under some road. Theres a bunch of rocks under that bridge.
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