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Lack of US made trials videos

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As all of you know you can get a ton of nice vids on the UK forum. Also they seem to respond with a lot more comments about videos that people posted. So I wonder why we rarely see videos made by US riders, and also why a lot of people on US boards just download the vids but never take their time to give any sort of feedback.

Is it because we have so few good riders? Are the egos of people disallowing them from making any sort of feedback? (This mainly applies to the bt forum)
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biketrials forum is full of punk ass kids who want nothing but free hand outs. i try to make good vids for people to enjoy and i have been quite frustrated in the past about 900 views-3 relpies.

they want someone to make a vid. then it needs to be longer. then it needs to have "better" music (or in the case of one fool- no music). then they want way longer vids. then when i make full length videos for sale that takes a ton of time and effort to make... no one buys it. they want it for free. if i didnt get so much joy and fun times out of making vids for myself and friends to watch i wouldnt even think for two seconds about ever making more. its the wrong thing to do for money or respect- thats for sure. most people dont make replies because they have literally nothing constructive to say about a video and are far too lazy to come up with something worthwhile.

as for why there are not more vids coming from the us- i cant say really? i think a lazy monster makes a comeback here- no one wants to put the time into filming or taking pictures and then editing stuff. little do they know how fun it can be...
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...and not everyone has a group of 5+ (30+ :eek3: ) riders riding with them. Let alone another person to film them.
hahaha i think kevin might be a bit frustrated! Rightfully so, i dotn fucking understand any biek trial forum- there are 100 views per post, its fucking REDICULOUS. If you think about it us people who actually type are like on a TV show and they are all watching us.

Anyway if santa thinks i was nice I'll be putting out vids, expect mayhem and trials.
So we won't be getting any videos? :rofl:
I think that making vids is a ton of fun. I stopped doing them as much mainly because I ride alone most of the time and I don't have the means to make higher resolution videos with decent frame rates.

But I do agree that a lot of people on bt are just grabasses and have no desire/will to contribute but have plenty of time to check out all the posts and maybe once in a while say something stupid (like Coustalliers don't have street style, since they don't do crank flips or Xups)
I even have a sick camera, and I haven't put a video on the web in probably two years. That should all be changing when I finally get software better than I-movie. I have quite a bit of entertaining footage, but I just feel too limited by crappy editing abilities.

And for the record, the ENTIRE Jeremy V section in paradise found was filmed by ME. I ask you, was my name in the credits? Some asshole forgot apparently....
I DL all of the vids that I can, and I post replies most of the time but only for the ones that I really like, I think that on this board I posted several replies/questions regarding the Paradise Found directors cut...
I also buy vids, I've purchased the Revolution, Contact, Evolve trilogy, 2 different biketrials.com CDs, the VTCZ double CD, the first trialskings CD, a Norco VHS....
OK, so let me clarify, I think that I download EVERY vid that is posted. I have 3.71 GB of vids oh my hard drive now and I have another 15+ CDs, full of downloaded vids, and those are only the decent ones, I trash the crap vids...

Yeah, there are a lot of kids who act a fool on the UK forums but if you read the replies carefully there are also many constructive replies. Plus I've found that most of those kids only give a shit about seeing dudes do 15 foot drops to rails, they only like big urban and to them everything else is crap. Some of those retards even bitched about the recent Coustellier vids because there were no street tricks in them...need I say more...

And also the these kids desire everything for free because that is the mentality that is becoming more and more prevalent with each year...to get shit for free on line whether it be music, video, whatever...they want everything for free and it is becoming less and less important to have the actual CD or DVD for the sake of collecting.

As to why the US riders don't film as much, well, I've had this talk before and it might have something t do with the fact that most US cities have like 3 trials riders so when they get together they want to actually ride...in London or whatever there are tons of riders and there is always somebody available to film so it might simply be easier with larger groups of riders.

I'll be posting some vids soon on Engodidadidideiiidideedidee by the way.
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I dont know why it is, but especially with free videos it seems as though everyone is a critic. I understand that music choice is personal and while I like Swollen Members (the rappers, not the disfigurement) others dont and then they go on a bitch fest, OK sorry to waste your time downloading something you didnt pay for....

Anyway, something I've learned from being a film major is that criticisms dont mean anything if you dont back them or make suggestions or alternatives to the said critiques. IE saying the third matrix sucked it had a bad ending is an unacceptable critique whereas saying the third matrix sucked if x y z happened the ending would have been better allows us to learn from our mistakes and motivates us to try again. Saying my suicide no hander disasters are gay on a trials bike is one thing (NOT VERY HELPFUL) however if you said try it on a jersey barrier or a rail and throw a barspin in then we could have progress...
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Pancho said:
And for the record, the ENTIRE Jeremy V section in paradise found was filmed by ME. I ask you, was my name in the credits? Some asshole forgot apparently....
what a stupid piece of worthless shit. people like that should be shot in the face with a shot gun at point blank range! that asshole better fix that in the director's cut editon huh? :Wavey: who the hell is this punk waving at? must be me.
People in the US are ungreatful asshats... espically on bt.com as soon as my lil bro and his grom friends signed up I gave up on the site. I now reside here quietly. Kevin couldnt have said it better.
we got some footage today. my roomate is a film major and he shot it and is editing it. it should be very nice as long as he let's me pick the music.
what a stupid piece of worthless shit. people like that should be shot in the face with a shot gun at point blank range! that asshole better fix that in the director's cut editon huh? who the hell is this punk waving at? must be me.
I love giving you shit....

On a different note, expect a Colorado Springs video in a few weeks. No, it WILL NOT blow your mind, but hopefully it will be moderatly entertaining. I just wish I had something better than I-Movie right now...

And speaking of Colorado Springs, I e-mailed those photos from the Expo Center to Bill, hopefully he might post them.

I just figured out that the new version of I-movie that I have does have frame rate controls. I-movie sucks, but now I'll definitly put something together.
iMovie? :greddy2: FCP is where its at :werd:
wat kind of movies are we talking about? full on production movies or little homegrown movies?
i dunno if your talking about just in the U.S. but ryan leech is relesing his new vid in a couple of weeks. it should be very sick.
as for the little ones, its hard to get alot of things right. you have to find a place to host if its on the net, or if you want to produce it, its not easy to find a way to mass produce stuff.
also, alot of good riders may not have the money for a camera, or the time to make or edit it.
another factor is in some places, there isnt enough riders or intrest.
in my province, there is easily less than 20 riders. in my city there are 3 riders, including myself.
as for intrest, people look at movies on the net, and we apreciate it on the inside. but because there is no fixed establishment to send thanks to, it usually goes unoticed.
so, that my peice,
btw, you have exelent smilies! :ugh2: :joshers: :weak:
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Ryan is NOT from the US.

Canada, :greddy:
FOR ANYONE AROUND BOULDER, with this many people that would enjoy getting a video going I would be more than happy to film and my friend is starting to get pretty good at premiere so... If anyone is interested then we should do one over this summer, a lot of the guys in this forum are definetly good enough to be in a video, Bill could simply start a forum about a month before summer that is only for making videos. Meanwhile any footage that anyone can get would be very helpful, also we need some pretty good digital cameras if we want to get a high quality video
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