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Those Koxx guys....always up to something.

Koxx Street Site
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first of all- holy crap, that vin-chen-tay can ride! shizzle. he may be the most reducilous looking rider in that park but slapping that like 4 foot quarter to the side and then to two wheels... god he has some precision too on wheel placement. and another thing, holy crapping about- him going to rear on that statue's head!?!?!? are you kidding, isnt that some priceless piece of art in paris? i mean i know the french are up to their smelly arm pits in priceless art works but damn thats pretty crazy to see a trials bike on one like that... i dig.

as for the bikes, i cant say if i like em or not yet but it seems to me that with all the money the koxx mofo must be rolling in, im glad to see the company venturing out. i can only hope that they dont go too big and spread things too thin like many mountain bike companies did in the mid to late 90's. its cool in my books, and big ups to them for makin; it big time though.
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just so I can download it :)

k just watched- HUGE slaps, but thats all trials :D
yeah, it was still trials in a skate park setting but you have got to admit, wall ride on an xtp is pretty jazz-ay!
He is still doing trials, but I like it to an extent, the wallride was pretty nice I guess. However I dont see why you would be jap slapping at a skate park....whatever. The Choco frame LOOKS nice, whats the geo on that piece?

Skeletor you made me do some coke

Gnar Kill rules
haha something me and dan agree on :bigthumb:

I believe the Choco frame (just by memory) is the same thing as a cheat code. I've spent around a month on one, it was nice for all around...more like a zebdi than a true street frame.
Mountain biking and trials looks so awkward in the skatepark, but its good to see a world champ with some bmxish talent.
that was the dumbest video i have ever seen. that wall ride was the best thing in the vid and it was lame.
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