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Koxx: Sneak Peak

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Here's is a little sneak peak into what Koxx will be rolling out here in the next few months. Don't worry Koxx fans, their main focus is still trials but to survive a business has to diversify.


Street/Dirt Jumper

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Those are pretty pimp Graham, that BMX looks hefty!
I'll be the first to say that I would never, EVER ride a koxx BMX bike. And that really looks like an XC bike, not a dirt jumping bike which they already have in their line up...

PS- tell them to look into chain tensioners :eek:
And that really looks like an XC bike
thats what i thought, i didnt read what it was and that was what i assumed. by the looks of it its about the same geo as my xc converted-to-trials frame.

hey wow i posted... ive been lurking for ages...
hey people
its me first time on this and ive just seen the sneaky peak of the koxx bmx it looks absoluty brill. does any1 know the price cause im thinkin of buyin 1 for a mess about at parks :joshers: :ugh2: thumbs up :eek:wned:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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