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KOxx bloxx, quick question

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i just got my pair in the mail, and the face that touches the rim is slightly angled. should i face the pad off untill its perfectly true, or just adjust the maggie so it hits the rim flush?
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just put them on your bike and ride ;) mine are kick ass, i love them.. if you wanted you could "face" them if you had the time.
set up your maggie so its right (parallel, or what it should be) just ride it and wear it into what it should be. dont worry about facing your pad, riding will do that for you.
Those were the crappiest lookin' hodge-podge pads I've seen to date.......
They kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big rhumpshakin' hoodrat ass!
just set up your brake and ride with the pads as they are, after using the brakes they will wear to meet the rim as the contact determines it...then they'll be fine...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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