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Koxx 1100 - A few points

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Several weeks ago I bought a Koxx Level Boss 1100 from Webcyclery and I noticed several things in building it up and riding it that contradicted what people have said on bt.com and this site. When I was contemplating the purchase I was reading tons of posts on these forums, many about the 1065, and suspected the 1100 would have similiar properties (compatibility of parts), but no.

First of all, I couldn't use a threshold 4 bolt, the only booster that would fit is the Tryall 2 bolt booster. The bolt holes on the threshold just weren't in the right places (brake bosses are verrrry far apart), and there wasn't enough material to machine holes in the correct places. The only other option would be to bend the booster, which frankly, seems really ridiculous.

Second, I could swear AndyT said that you could fit FSA cranks easily on a 1065 with a 68 x 113 BB. Even with a 68 x 118 bb and extremely bent out FSA V-drive cranks the drive side crank would touch while ratcheting left foot forward.

Third, I was just wondering how long AndyT rode an 1100?

"Going to be interesting to see how a 5'11" guy does with the 1100, but webster seems to like it (any notion of attempting to bunny hop I can just give up). "-Andyt July 14, 2003

Anyway, this bike rides like a dream. You can do some incredibly huge wedges on it that most bikes would just fall through too. I'm only 6'2" but I finally feel great on a trials bike, unrestricted as on my planet x. I don't think I'll ever again go shorter than at least a 1085. I'll have some sweet pics of it up soon. It is working like a dream right now. Koxx Blox pads are super sweet, incredibly sticky, thanks Jeremy Vanschoonhoven!
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My threshold booster worked on my 1065, 1100 and long mod...a drill might have been used, I don't remember but I never had any problems (unlike the woodman whose 4 bolt mounts were WELDED ON INCORRECTLY). FSA power pro cranks with 113 mm bb worked like a holy charm for me...I have no idea what v-drive cranks are.

I rode the bike probably 4-5 times, then sold it and didn't ride another trials bike for over 3 months. Talk to dolphin and see how he likes it.
for the last time webster is NOT ridin an 1100. he ordered one or sumthin but he got the 1065.
Look when that quote was made. Back then he was trying to get one or something, I just remember he tried out some super long bikes. That quotes fucking ~8 months old.
sorry you're havin problems, my Thresh brace worked fine.I too am 6'2"
moved from a PX and love it .It's almost unfair the advantage.Oh well
it's our advantage.Ha.

I can even manual it pretty damn far. CRAZY!
I'm not having any problems, I just was forced to buy different parts than I thought I would. You'll have to see the pics. This bike looks sweet.
Hey Cole, do you know a rider named Zeb? He rides an Echo I hear, and I think he is about 6'6"? Good expert level? Not sure exactly where he is, but if I remember right he is out there somewhere....
Can't say I've met a rider named Zeb.
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