King Cog Stack??

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by bwagner, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. bwagner

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    Can this be done? I'm thinking about stacking a few(four or five) King Cogs on my rear hub, and calling it a day! Will half the base thickness create a suitable spacing between the cogs; so that shifting might still be possible? I know there are no ramps or gates, will it still work , or will the spacing be so large that a chain will fit between them?

    And just to put an end to the money part of it, I'll be getting the cogs at wholesale, and maybe even a couple for free. sorry for the confusion
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  2. B1105

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    That would be a fucking expensive "cassette". Just get a Dura Ace or Ultegra one, it wont dig into the freehub body if it has a carrier. If you wanna waste some money by putting the cogs together, thats alright too.

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    thought of that too...
  4. hydroboy

    hydroboy "Jak se mas"

    i dont see the point, maybe two cogs, a riding one and a commuting type one but why get a whole cassette? Shifting will work but you wont be able to go cog to it will be shift 3 up, chain goes up one or two and mech is out of allignment if you know what i mean.
  5. bwagner

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    I'm not worried about smooth shifting, or even indexed shifting for that matter. I'm justinterested in having like maybe a 16,17,18,19 in a row. My issue is that I'm not a fan of the shimano cassette carriers for trials. I might even be making my own shifter for it, basically my question is more along the lines of ,"will a 3/32" chain fit between the cogs?". I like the taller tooth profile of the singlespeed cogs. I have an ultegra cassette eight now, and my nineteen is loosening up on the carrier and I want the gears I'd like, not the ones I have to settle for just becuase the multi speed cassette manufacturers say so.
  6. atypical

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    Just looking at mine, I don't think so- I have two King cogs separated by a normal cog, so I don't have to worry about it. Just save the hassle and get King cogs that you might use and split them up with ramped cogs that help a shitload with shifting.
    Do a 20/18 20/17 20/16 and split them with a normal 18 and 17 cog, then put a travelling gear- if your freehub will hold all that.
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  7. smudge

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    Yes, it works. King built the cogs to 8sp spacing. You could line 8 of them up and bust out the old XT thumbie and would be fine...except that they don't shift all that great.

    You know you have at least one pair of XT thumbies from the early 90's. I do. I bet Stewbot has one or two. Hell, until it snagged my shorts last year, I was still rocking the 93 XTR 8 speed shifter mounted on a Grafton shifter perch.

  8. bwagner

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    Yep, I have a pair around here somewhere:) I was just thinking about those damn shifter pods, Broadway bikes still has a few pair in their showcase. Actually I think the ones they have aren't Grafton, but Precision billet if my old ass memory serves me correctly. Sean, I'm in the middle of making a rind shifter for my bike. kinda like a cut down grip shift, except machined aluminum, and just for trials. Not too ergonomic, but very durable and functional. Also very simple. When are you moving? We have to get in a ride or two before you guys roll out.
  9. AndyT

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    You should throw one of those many king cogs my way :eek:

    I couldn't get mine off my cassette so I just gave it to the kid I sold it to :rofl: