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Kevin Shiramizu becomes a man today!

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Happy 18th kevin- NOW YOU CAN BUY CIGS!
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HAPPY B"day Kevin!!!!! 18 whoo woo!!!!!!! same as meh! :eek:

u know who i am :joshers: :ugh2:


Happy Birthday Kevin, can't wait til you're at CU next year :D
HE WAS ONLY 17?! I THOUGHT HE WAS 25! HOLY SHIT! Happy birthday man..jesus...my life has been a lie.....
Indeed, happy birthday to you, and Tony Fernandez. Funny that two of the countries best junior riders were born on the same day....

Come to think of it, I've never seen both of you together at the same time, hmm.... why I think Kevin and Tony are the SAME person, muwahahahahaha.
let me say, in no shape way or form are kevin and tony alike, kevin is really cool, not fat, and dosent snore in his sleep, trust me, i shared a room with both of them, their nothing alike. but yea, go you kevin, 18 and whatnot, sehr gut!-
being 18 and being in school has teh GAyness
"Now yer a man..a manny manny man.."...Kinda sucks some thing get better with age ,but you just moved up .Now you are just an incredibly
great rider in your class instead of one of the top two.Dont worry Kev,I've got a Delorean witha flux capacitor mod I'll sell real cheap.You still kick my ass.

Josh C.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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