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And your immature a$$-hole antics rival that of a 5-year old with a halfway decent vocabulary...you gonna get all pissy and lock this thread too? I think somebody has let thier "trialsin skills" get the best of him. Just because people can't ride a bike as good as you doesn't mean you need to be an asshole cause you've been riding for years....come to the beach or the race track and I can school you too, but I'm not a prick that is all big headed on a message board cause he can ride a bike better than most......

Grow the fuck up.

1. no one on this site likes you because of your personality. NOTHING to do with your skill level.

2. my post to you had FUCK ALL to do with trials. It was a reference only with your posting and your personality traits.

3. see that little part where you say "come to the beach". That is why you are a huge ******. I'm not alone in thinking this, sorry. Stop talking about your stupid little beach sport in biketrials talk, BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT.

4. Believe me I'm as big of an asshole on forums where I'm not good at the subject at hand, especially to idiots like you- its the same in real life...nothing to do with trials.

In fact you are so horribly gay, I've been told by two different people on AIM you rival stefahn. I'm afraid I have to agree. Lock the thread? I've never locked or censored anything in my life. I don't talk shit to people about their trials skills as everyone starts somewhere. HOWEVER if you are a fucking douche, as you are, I will slate you hard. And before you reply, I'll do it for you:

"yeah right...LOL... I like to put in big LOL everywhere... and then I was skimboarding, its so hard and I'll talk about it alot because it has so much to do with trials... LOL... I'll annoy everyone on this site with my worthless posts about bullshit. What do you think about that?... LOL then I was at the beach, check out this skim boarding video LOL."

ps. Don't think I'm in the minority of thinking this. Do us a favor, lurk.

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While I am glad you have migrated to Off-topic, I still prefer to NOT have flaming of this level on my board. This would have been just as effective as a PM. I don't mind if you guys give each other a bit of a hard time, or if you ask him to stop talking about his off-topic subject in the on-topic area (though he isn't the only one talking about it).

That being said, the reason I didn't delete it is because I think locking threads like this will leave it as an example of what I don't want around here. I don't want to be a "nazi", but if I let things like this escalate, EVERY topic they post in together will become a hijacked flame war. Because I let Andrew have his say, OICDN, you can have one post defending your point, and this is the last I want to see of it. I will lock it after you post and any other posts in this thread will be deleted.

Any mention of skim-boarding in the on-topic areas (i.e. anywhere but here) will result in the entire post being deleted, I don't care if you wrote two pages of the most helpful post in the world... the whole thing will be gone. Continual breaking of this rule will result in a temporary ban. If after that ban is lifted you can't comply with this simple rule you will be banned permanently.

If you think this is too harsh, send me a PM and tell me why. I am VERY OPEN for suggestions on how you guys want this board run. If you think this was a good idea, please send me a PM and let me know, it doesn't have to be much, just the word "good" in the subject will let me know.

I want this site to be a place everyone can enjoy, so please take the time to tell me if you agree or disagree with my policies. Also tell me WHY if you disagree.

One more thing, if you guys don't like a user but don't want to send them a PM, send me a PM. I will keep what you wrote me totally "confidential", and relay your feelings to that person... it may be more affective coming from me. :dunno:.

Thanks guys,

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