Just a reminder...Kernville on Oct. 24th

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    October...Kernville Fat Tire festival
    The Kernville Festival Fat Tire Festival will be held on Saturday-Sunday, October 23-24th.
    The Kernville Fat Tire Festival includes a costume party, lots of group mtn bike rides, and a BIKETRIALS event. The area boast lots of sandy riverbottom type riding, some big granite rocks, and is a lot of fun. It is situated at Mountain-River Adventures campground, just outside of the town of Kernville. There is GREAT FREE camping in an established commercial campground, IF you let me know to expect you. Without the prior notice, I am unable to accomodate you for free, since we are alloted a certain number of spaces, based on what guys tell me they're coming. We have, in the past, done a lot of group riding on Saturday, with an entertaining biketrials rodeo, with bunnyhop contest, gap contest, Biketrials Sumo wrestling and other fun stuff, around 3 PM. This gathering is for the entertainment of the assembled mountain bike participants, who are returning from all day rides, and the hillclimb competition. The biketrials comp is actually on Sunday morning.

    The date is Friday-Sunday, October 22-24th, 2004. There will be announcements as the weekend gets closer.
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    If you are from california and you don't go to kernville, thats a crying shame. It's one of the funnest events on the west coast.