July 11-Mt. Waterman Ski Resort comp

Discussion in 'West Coast, USA' started by hophopsnap, Jun 14, 2004.

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    Where is this Mt. Waterman Ski Resort? Is it on Mammouth mountain? I would like to go to this competition (or is it a fun event?) Just wondering about details. I would want to go to this as I wanna go to as many competitions that I can. :wiggle:

    PS:Who will be going to the 2 day event at the Kernville Fat Tire Festival? October 23-24! Its about 125 miles away so I'll definatly go as its not that far compared to Fontana which is a 3 hour drive. :(
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    The Mt. Waterman Ski resort is high above the foothills in the San Gabriel mountains. The closest or most familiar reference point would be Pasadena, and it's still 45 minutes from there. As far as the event, it's up in the air. Howard Phelps & I need to go check out what is there. Southridge Racing is having their mtn bike race there & they invited us to do the trials. If there isn't sufficient natural stuff to build ex-pro sections we'll cancel the biketrials part. If we find good natural terrain, it'll be on. Call me as we get closer. 626) 825-8136.

    Jon Maeda