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jobs, professions, occupations..which one?

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just wondering what you all plan on doing (or are doing) for a living? i dont know what to do...i fear that that is a bad thing because i am almost done with the first semester of my senior year in HS. if your going to college, what do you plan on doing when you get out. and all that. :?
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I know that by most standards this is an unrealistic within the context of our society, but who cares...

That a 17 year old high school student is supposed to make a career oriented decision based on what little knowlede he or she has, is rediculous. Some kids have an idea, and that's great. If you don't, and you're concerned about it, don't be afraid to give it some time. You likely have at least another two years before you have to really declare a major right?

I'm a network engineer. Given the current employment marketplace, I'd recommend against going there. By the end of the year, I may be happy again to have chosen this field. If it weren't for the pay, I'd be much happier being a bike mechanic again...except for all those huffy's.
Well I sure do hope that you are going to college, since there is not a big demand for people with just a HS diploma. I got a BA in economics and BS in computer science. Economics lets you see how the world operates and gain a lot of insight, but if you want to pursue any sort of interesting job in the field you would have to go to grad school. Comp Sci is pretty cool if you got a lot of patience. If you are not sure what to do after college you can always go to grad school. Its pretty harsh but you learn a ton of stuff and meet a lot of people that can help you decide what to do in the real world.

So step one get yourself into a school.

Take various core classes to see what you might like and talk to people to find out what they are doing.

And then you will figure out things from there.
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elan, don't worry about it. being out of high school is the first time in your life that you ever have to make decisions. seriously. so don't expect to have it all figured out on your first try. your life isn't supposed to go any particular way, so don't worry about fitting it in to some timeline of having x figured out by y date.

and get used to it. you're going to be deciding shit for the rest of your life, unless you just fall in to a mindless work-a-day rut...which i guess is an option.
bread makes me poop
I'm glad to see that most trials riders are fairly clever, I am a top of my class type student and I plan on moving to the south pacific and live a simple life away from the western world.
man... i have no idea what to do at all. 2 more years of high school to choose though. last year and the year before, i got into computers and got my A+ certification, now i dunno cos im not all that interested any longer. i think i'd hate all jobs, apart from if i was a pogo stick tester or something, that'd rule.
i am a psycologist in the future.
funny Elan - I'm studying psychology at the moment -
it seems interesting and rewarding, as in a little $?
I doubt it is interesting or rewarding - for me...the people who want to be "psychologists" are naive and boring and egotistical - psychology is so "well duh" at least the popular bits...I'm interested in the psychological components of linguistics...I, unlike many people, DON'T believe that God created different languages in order to thwart communication between the different groups that sought to undermine him.

psychology is OK - and the courses are composed of 90% eager young women ( *thumbsup* ) but don't tell people you want to be a psychologist - and NEVER tell people you're studying psychology - you will get replies of (in dumbfuck voice) "oooh analyze me !!" or "well what am I thinking then huh ?!"...

tell people you're a landscape gardener - nobody ever asks questions - and if they do - I can probably answer them anyway. I'm very intelligent you know.

- Joel
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andrew, say somthing constructive, or shut the fuck up.
oh shut the fuck up you gay bitch. go to fucking college unless you have an amazing skill that can make you a good wage for the rest of your life. in college you will realize what you want to do. once you get out, if you have no clue still- at leats you can drown in alcohol and still have a college diploma on the resume.
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