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Jan 23rd- FTC Horsetooth comp

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prelude to the springs.

Start at around 1, 5 sections, duck taped off. BYOS, thats bring your own shit (ie stop watches etc if you actually want to keep score). There will be sections set out, no formal judging or anything.

This is all as long as there is not much snow out, from tonights experience I can tell you that wood covered in ice is not the best thing to try front wheel stalls to.
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DAMN. If I'm in the country, I'll come. Small chance I might be in a different country though...
school for this fool... maybe make it later, around 6..doubtful you will ber riding
i got t-bagged this semseter, my scheduel sucks so i wont be able to make it my last class ends at 4 :down:
getting tea bagged is fun, no?
o... i see. ok, well i hope somthing good comes from teh HT comp. like a video
classes too, why not sat?
if you want to do it saturday instead of friday that would be great, i have no idea what is going on with the co springs deal but staying up here would be much better
Well if panchos gay ass never posts, this will be on saturday.
pancho post what time day/time the comp is
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