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Jan 1st, 2004 ride

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I'm headed downtown to ride around, meander, and generally screw off. If anyone's interested I'll be down around confluence park this afternoon.

Happy new year!

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AndrewT said:
are you really black?
I was wondering when someone would ask.

Does the word "African" mean you are dark skinned? ...um no.
What happens when you are black and born in america? You're not from Africa, you're from America. Therefore you're american, period.

I think its funny how we navigate around the word 'black'. So, here's my theory....

You are where you are born. If you're born in America, then you're American, regardless of skin color or race. There are white people born in Africa all the time. If we are to constrain the term "blank-American" to a country/continent specific, then it should mean that you've imigrated here. Hell, I'm a melting pot of a ton of country/continent mixes, does that mean that I should put down all the places that my ancestors have been?

So, African American (continent specific); What the hell is Japanese American? Country specific? Shouldn't it be Pac-rim or 'eurasia-american'? And what the hell is a Canadian-American. Don't they live on the continent of North America?

As of lately, Safeway has changed their 'mexican' isle to 'hispanic foods' isle. WHAT THE FUCK? I walk down the Italian foods isle... shouldn't these PC fucks call it "Mediteranian peninsula food". If you were born in Mexico, then fuck you, you're mexican, be proud you coward. I realize that just because you speak spanish, you're not necessarily Mexican. Although I'm learning that Latino means that you speak only Spanish. Just a way to dodge the issue of 'illegal imigrant from the isthmus between NA and SA'

I recently went through a Nielson Ratings phone call that asked me if I'm Spanish. What, now it because of what I speak? NO, I"M NOT FROM SPAIN you fuck! Are we really to scared to just ask if your black or white? I told them that I 'speak English'... I did inquire if they were asking me if I spoke spanish. I know a few words, where's the cut off?

I know some Japanese and some portuguese, so what am I now?

I'm a stupid white fuck that has ancestry that leads back to Africa (don't we all?). Therefore, I just went to the root of the first person (or earliest human thats been discovered) and decided that's what I'll call myself. But mainly, I'm looking for a good debate because only Americans are stupid greedy fucks that can't figure out how to ask your color. Clearly, you just came out and asked... you must be smarter than the average american.

If you're asking about me being African-American and whether or not i'm black don't have anything to do with each other.

Citizen = American. I was born in Kansas
Race = White, with some red marks on my shins
Language preference = English
Continent claim = North American

Oh, BTW, "Politically Correct" is no longer PC, its now called "Socially Aware". My political affiliation is "independant"

Pirate comes from the fact that I sail boats... mostly in the Carribean.
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Ok, I didn't read any of that. So are you black?
gotcha :bigthumb:

Dunno whats more rare...a black trials rider...or a black person in colorado.
AndrewT said:
gotcha :bigthumb:

Dunno whats more rare...a black trials rider...or a black person in colorado.
Maybe not in Fort Collins.
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