It's official...I won't be riding for at least two months :|

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by trialspads, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. trialspads


    Few months ago I created a thread about my right hand being weak.

    I got my hand never tested and the doc determined that I have a "severly damaged nerve ending" in my palm possibly due to my palm (the pink side) being pressed against the handlebar for a long period of time. MRI will be done next week & 90% of chance of getting an incision across my palm to my wrist to relieve some pressure.

    Hopefully my muscle between my thumb & index finger will become stronger again in the next 3~4 months but til then I have to wait patiently for the nerves to grow back (about an inch every month from what he said). Right now I can't clip my nails without bending my thumb. I almost dropped a plate with palm faced down. If you spread your hand out & try to push on your index finger towards the middle, you'll feel the resistance, mine doesn't on my right. That's how weak it is. :(

    Not riding for awhile sucks but not having a fully functional hand rest of my life would suck even more. Guess I'll have the chance to save money at the same time & build a new trials spec bike to celebrate. :x:

    Don't neglect any hand could be as serious as mine!
  2. [BMF] Chris


    i assume we'll be seeing alot more posts from you............... hope you get better:Wavey:

    edit: some people may say "get well soon", fuck that, get well now!

  3. AndyT

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    I can get you some spot injections to kill pain if you want. Its not cheap, and it won't heal you- but you'll feel fine for a little bit.
  4. RT Wolf

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    ^ Spoken like a true trialsers. You felt strongly hte pain of a brother and you are trying your best to help him get back to riding as quickly as possible. :p

    Hope you get well. Remember to ask the doctor if you can get back to trials after it's all good, you know, ask just in case.
  5. trialspads


    Thanks guys.

    LOL Andrew no thanks :hsugh: actually I'm not in pain, there's no pain or numbness but I can't seem to grip things well between my thumb & index finger. Besides that I can grip the levers and ride just fine...but for now I'm putting it off.

    The doc said I can ride but I need more "cushioning" before I switched back to OURY grip, I was using some skinny Specialized...I think the problem came when I started to put more weight on my arm.
  6. goose

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    I have a sensitive wrist also

    Hey nek0,

    I have a sensitive wrist also, so I can sympathise. Broken once, then nerve dammage from improper computer use. I would probably be in similar shape to you had it not been for the various suspension forks I've ridden with over the last 2 years:) You might consider that option to prevent this from happening again. It sure as heck helped me out. My first couple weeks on a rigid just killed. Just trackstanding, pivoting and bunnyhopping.

    Maybe a lighter/lower front end would be better for natural. Maybe a steeper head angle would make the bike more suitable for pure trials....but whatever man. I say health first, performance second!

    Susp forx don't seem to bother leech, lenosky, clark, or rey!

    get well soon!!!

  7. trialspads


    Thanks...actually I've been riding with suspension fork but I think part of the problem is my bike itself being a bit heavy (being it's a dirtjumper P3). It is definitely nice though I think the weight also added to more pressue around my wrist & at the end the result. I'm actually optimistic about the whole situation, I'll have more time to do other things and save up while I'll try to strengthen other parts of body & lose some weight while at it. It'll probably take me more time to recover then start riding like I used to but for trials I'll do ANYTHING :)
  8. bonzai

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    Get well soon man.:bigthumb:

    I hurt my wrist 2.5 weeks ago since then I haven't been riding and giving my wrist time to heal and now it feels much better. So ya its good to let injuries heal otherwise they will hurt for life.