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Intermediates in MA

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Any newer riders in MA? I know there are a bunch of experts and pro on this forum, but how about beginner/intermediate? I don't want to ride with pro/expert because that will be boring for them and aggravating for me :eek:wned:
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Dude I'll ride with you. I will just ride my suspensioned, shimano xted and short stem and narrow bar Jackflash...it will level the playing field 'sides I suck...
Either of you guys wanna ride, drop me a note.

I could do indoor skate park, urban or natural if snow goes away.
Just need to get back on the bike....... :joshers:
Where you from? Currently I'm chillin in Worcester
Yeah man, me and Edd can take you to a few spots...now that I have a pure trials bike for the first time in a year I can finally get better at hopping on stuff.
and i can ride my bike. we can show you some stuff and teach you some moves also.. :)
ohh ok, first ride your bike.. then do a stunt till it looks good :bigthumb: awsome!
I am a beginner, and I know exaclty what you are talking about!
I'm a newbie here. Lynn, MA, anyone around? I'm just starting so it's very bigginer level.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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