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Hey Guys looking for some feedback here. I have a 26 echo pure, an echo24 and Just recently picked up a GT team trials (20/mod). Got screaming deals on them and always wanted the "Hans Rey" bike. been having a tough time on the 26, I got the 24 and it was a bit easier to get the frnt wheel up and hold it. I thought great, a 20" would be even easier to learn on....But this 20" seems about as hard as the 26" what gives?? (couple minor issues: the GT is not original, had 175mm cranks and a Crappy DX freewheel rear with a wide pawl engagement, and the Pads in the maguras are not very grippy, where as the Echo24 is practically brand new)

also the stem on the GT is like a 190mm/45* seems a bit taller than the original?

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Copy/Paste from my reply to your FB post:
- I had the GT mod as my first true trials bike in 1996. Its a fun bike but as mentioned, the geo is not as good as more modern bikes.
I'd have to pull up my charts, but its got a longer chainstay and lower BB that are better for two wheel hops.
The shorter CS and higher BB on new bikes is the key to rear wheel ease. That and the stock stem and bar on the GT are narrow and low. Might work for some rider sizes, but that cockpit is limiting as well if its stock.

Adding a bit since you included stem info in this post:
- That is likely a swapped stem and may be a good thing. I didn't record the numbers from the stock Synchros on my '96, but I'd guess around 150-160mm and 35-45*. So that new stem could be a benefit compared to what I considered a too low stem on the stock bike. I'm 5'10" tall and the narrow width along with the low stem didn't inspire confidence or make rear wheel moves easy. They can sure be done, but require more effort from the rider compared to more modern setups.

I'd summarize that old GT as a 2-wheel bike that can rear wheel hop, like most bikes. But it's not a pogo stick like the newer stuff that feels best on the rear wheel vs 2-wheel moves.
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