Inspired Hex frame brand new plus parts

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by rollinstone, Dec 23, 2017.

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    Brand new Hex frame still in original packaging. Been hanging onto this but truth is I'm never gonna get it built.
    Inspired 26" rims. Both had a grind, but only once and ridden very low Km's. Front wheel pictured is rim only now, no spokes or hub.
    Grind is not deep if you wanted to tidy it up if riding front disk.

    TNN V-brake forks with Avid research ops Ultimate arms and TNN green v-pads.
    These forks are hardly used, maybe 10 hours riding on them, nothing heavy. I was going to run these on the hex.

    Trialtech high-risers with Bonz short stem (can'
    remember exact geo I'll have to measure it, I think 90x30). Also only a few hours use. Perfect for the hex.

    I haven't put a price on the other parts as I'm hoping someone will be interested in the lot and can work out a price.
    Willing to sell anything individually too.
    2017-12-23 19.47.24.jpg 2017-12-23 19.48.30.jpg 2017-12-23 19.48.50.jpg 2017-12-23 19.49.24.jpg 2017-12-23 19.49.52.jpg 2017-12-23 19.52.19.jpg Shipping is from Melbourne.
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    Hey, is the frame still for sale?