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Indoor (winter) trials in Boulder @ C.A.T.S.

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Hey all!!
It seems some people are asking for info about the alleged indoor trials we have here in Boulder, so I'd like to verify that it exists, and give all the pertinent info I can think of at the moment:

It takes place at a gymnastics/rock climbing gym called CATS (acronym for Colorado Athletic Training School) located on the east side of 30th where ?Mapleton? ends. We usually ride there Wed. nights from about 8:30pm until everyone's pooped (usually about 3 hours later). Rob, the owner/head coach of the gym is one of the coolest, nicest guys, and has been pretty appreciative/enthusiastic of trials for about the past two years. I gotta add that he's basically a living legend in both gymnastics and rock climbing (among numerous other things!), but you wouldn't ever know because he's so humble. We ride on structures he, Grant, and Noah built (out of wood, some made/used for gymnastics) placed on top of a standard gymnastics floor (springboard covered with carpet), so things sometimes aren't as stable as you'd think, and the carpet allows for a little more traction than is usually needed/wanted.
A few important things to note:
-To ride &/or use the equipment, you must pay $5 at the door (or to Rob if no one's there)... and yes, even I pay. This is only fair because everyone who goes to use the gymnastics equipment or the bouldering walls/cave is charged the same daily fee, and riding trials is particularly hard on the structures and carpet.
-Because it's indoor, notably on a gymnastics floor where little kids tumble in leotards and such, you should make sure your bike (specifically the tires) are clean and free of mud, dirt, etc. Otherwise someone will probably make you wash it all off and wait for it to dry.
-If it's your first time going, you'll have to make sure to sign a waiver and such. Even though it's a pretty laid back atmosphere there, they do have to cover their arses!
-If you go, you should really respect the fact that it's primarily a gymnastics gym, and not a private collection of pallets and spools, and that Rob is basically LETTING us ride there, so you should take special care to not damage the boxes/carpet (i.e. try not to use your bashrings/guards). It's good UCI practice, anyway!

Well damn, I think that's more information than anyone could have possibly wanted, but I guess it's better to err on the side of completeness than not, eh? Anyways, like Bill said in a previous post, Boulder winters are typically pretty mild... with very rideable weather as long as things are dry, especially during the midday hours, so CATS isn't the ONLY winter riding option. All the same, if anyone has any questions (like better directions ;)), you can call my cell: 720-352-9609 and leave a message if I don't pick up.
Sorry for the +50,000 word post...
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A very great post Theo, thanks for all of the info, I've made it sticky as I think this is something everyone that gets the chance should check out.

One other thing about CATS, it is really nice when everyone hangs around till the end to help clean up. Un-like Seth guns :drool:
If the weather today is representative of this upcoming winter, we may have to ride at CATS more often :eek3: :hs:
BBZ2 said:
One other thing about CATS, it is really nice when everyone hangs around till the end to help clean up. Un-like Seth guns :drool:
Sorry about that, some of us had to get up at 5:00a.m. to go to work the next morning, at least I always got there on time and helped set up the equipment......
does any one know the times at which the gym is open to trials?
I think we showed up at around 8:30 last time.
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