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Discussion in 'Forum Help & Suggestions' started by aust: base bikes, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. aust: base bikes

    aust: base bikes Guest

    has anyone ever thought of having a image uploader on this forum?????
    it would be alot more convenient because people will be able to put pictures of themselves up on the net even though they have no webspace

    but i think thee should be certain rules to using this image uploader

    such as.....
    images uploaded to the uploader are only for use on the forum otherwise the admin will have no bandwidth left at all :down:

    post your opinions on this idea
    hope you all agree :bigthumb:
  2. OTAdmin

    OTAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    I actually have an uploader, but I completely forgot I was going to integrate it into the "reply page".

    check It's the best image uploader of any site on the net, you can basically upload as many as you want at once (look below where it says "add" and "reload", enter 50 then click reload) and the max image size is 275KB, enough to share some nice high resolution pictures.

    It will create the tags for you too so all you have to do is copy the output it gives you and paste it in your "post" window and VOILA.

    I already have using the uploads here for sharing on other sites disabled or you're right, I could really get raped for bandwidth, this is the pic that shows up in place of the pics they try to share on other forums:


    Maybe I should write a tutorial for using the uploader since integrating it into the site would be a bitch :).

    Let me know what you think,