im so bored just now...

Discussion in 'Your Bike Trials Media' started by sebLG, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. sebLG

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    dont download this vid unless you are aswell... the riding is just backyard crap and i can no longer gap(they're crap ... hah! made a rhyme!), i forgot how somewhere along the line which is really quite gayboy. and my brakes are working like crap(KOXX BLOXX:down:, they worked well before ), and the music is crap and its all just crap ... :greddy: capady crap crap crap.

    ...but heres the video anyway.
  2. average mike

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    I agree, that was pretty gay, it would be cool if there wasnt that same sidehop shown over and over and over again. i actually liked the muzac. ok video actually.

  3. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    yea definately some gay biznaz in there. i agree with mike it was a little too much of the same over and over but it wasn't too bad.
  4. hophopsnap

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  5. OTAdmin

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    Well, I'm going to go ahead and say that the last three posters were wrong.

    There were a lot of similar shots, but it was put together well, kind of showing the hard time you had with the gap from the log. A lot of the sidehops to rear on the box might have been similar, but all were slightly different (sometimes roll to rear, sometimes hop to rear, sometimes manual across top, sometimes go to front on box, etc). I'd definitely like to see more of these, it would be cool if you through a few of these together a year to show your progression - and you'll probably really enjoy looking back at them in a few years.
  6. hydroboy

    hydroboy "Jak se mas"

    he didnt make it to be a trials movie, he did some filming one day in his backyard and put it on the web.
  7. sebLG

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    new video, went for a training ride at red hill school at about 800-900 this morning, would have had more footage but i forgot to charge my battery dammit(and forgot i had a spare 2 hour battery in my bag dammit!) ... but i guess i got a couple of half descent moves, but there was this sidehop i just couldnt do this morning poopies, anyway enough rant, heres the vid. thanks for the comments all, especially matt :D

    i swear if i keep training like this every morning on the weekend i might just improve a bit faster, next weekend im gonna go to the spot that you found alex, and i will probably die ... LOL!

    i couldnt find any music to suit it. i need some nice quiet acoustic guitar music or something.

    and also - matt - yeah that sounds like a good idea to be making video's over extended periods of time ... and people can tell me if ive developed a "koxx"/french trialsin stylee :yum:, which is my big triasin ambition i guess . also like that idea because, i have been riding only just over a year now, and in the past year i felt as though i had been improving out-of-sight, yet now everything has really slowed down and i feel like im barely improving or even getting worse. the gap in the previous back yard video i use to be able to make consistanly, litterally every time, now its just gayboy.

    anyway cyall,

  8. AgrAde

    AgrAde From your head to your fists

    ride with really good people more :)

    i rode with some smooth english guy for a while now everyone is like "shit you have a cool style now, so smooth"

    now he is gone and i can't go as big as i could just a little while ago, so sad :(
  9. Rob.K

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    Hey Seb your movies are not working for me.

    I downloaded it from emboogoogely and then pressed open and it started playing but I could only hear it meanwhile the Media player screen was blanc.

    If anybody knows what's wrong please tell me.
  10. sebLG

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    you probably dont have the right codec? the same thing happens to me with ALL the BT. POLAND VIDEOS after bt 2 ... i cried when i found out i couldnt dl the new wmv. codec shit waaahhhhh :wtc: try downloading the codec off
  11. alexm

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    i finally got the second vid, downloading the first one now, something to do with right clicking .avi's and eengoedidee, doesnt work.

    anyway dude, your getting really good, and i like seeing these vids, especially when the quality is so good. we will have to ride more and bring out some more vids for the public to view. stock is pissing me off at the moment so we will have both mod and stock :greddy2: mod's gehy.

    anyway, keep putting out the vids, your forming some french style me thinks, so keep at it, good work mate


    edit - i just watched the first one. thought it was great too. i need a backyard setup again damnit! that gap at the end was big, haha your tyre was soooooo close to the edge on takeoff on the first one! also your really getting smooth. :bowdown:
  12. sebLG

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    :D :D im happy now.

    ... yes mod stock videos ... haha you ride mod your gay :joshers: jks, mod is awsome and yeah ill definately be making more videos from now on, im getting keen, will bring camera to the comp on thursday :bigthumb: oooh, also i made that gap today!! finally my gaps have started to pick up again, hopefully.