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Im gonna be on MTV -wooo Natural front tire- whatcha like?

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Its kinda cool.
I was out riding today at the beach, tryng out my brand spankin new HotS front tire. Everybody else has one, now I do too.

NEways, a camera crew from MTV's the Real World (being shot here in san diego) showed up to shoot the sunset, people walking on the beach and other segway stuff. They asked if I wouldnt mind being on TV and I was like gosh, TV, who can afford one of dem? But I signed that paper anyway and jumped around on a rock and did a stoppie at the camera. If it makes it into the show it wont be until late January when the show airs, and its a six month long series so... no one will likely see me but keep in mind--
if youre watching the real world and you see some poser with a bright red new Hot-S on a black PX its me- oh yeah, and of course that up was alot bigger in person... sure it was.

Previous to this Hot-S I had a fold happy continental 2.3 which was nice but getting the tire press. right was a very fine line.

I want more sidewall, I cant tell yet if the Hot-S has that(first ride, could have dropped the press.)

And width, wider is better jah, Like a 24.1 light but.. lighter.

So anyway, now that I have that tire up front I can up like 4 feet to rear no prob. yup
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i know a person who is in dat show

some "extreme sport" program covered the indoor nationals, but all the showed was a bit of the expert riding, then made fun of the two english guys that turned up even though they were the two best riders :greddy:
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