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    BLENDER2 Guest

    ok so my rear brake developed too much flex -- shimano - lx + booster + with tektro really simple lever with a normal jacket

    and i tought of buying Avid SD 7 lever and with the avid jacket

    if i buy Avid will it help ? or what should i do ?
  2. antidis

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    get an xt set up w/ xtr cables, or full xtr if you can afford it. so stiff and powerful. i dont use a grind or tar and have no problems locking them up. i hear good things about the avid ultimates as well but they are real $$

  3. mikeschiavone

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    if you want to eliminate flex, stay away from shimano brakes with parralel push.

    also stay away from normal housing style like shimano, they flex alot in comparison to avid flak jackets, nokon, nokon style housing.

    check into avid levers, they utilize leverage dials that can increase/decrease the amount of leverage.

    pads that have thick, metal backings tend to be alot stiffer.

    hope this all helps. good luck with the set up.

    btw, im using avid levers, avid single digit 7's, nokon housing, and a salsa booster

    BLENDER2 Guest

    ok thanx but if i buy Avid SD 7 lever with a avid flak jackets but that i dont change my shimano-LX Do i eleminate a lot of flex or i have to change my v-brake ?
  5. RomanR

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    A big part of the flex can be coming from the LX brake, especially since it has that parallel push. My friend's evolve had horrible feeling brakes because they were the LX. They just kept on squishing. Then he changed to an Acera brake, and it improved a lot. You could actually tell when the pads hit the rim, and they wouldn't mush all the way through. It's like the parallel push of the LX's was too powerful or something. I've also felt XT and XTR setups that feel really firm and all, but they were on xc bikes, so nothing with impacts that would wear out the parallel system.

    So if you want, try out some of the cheap Shimano brakes, Deore or even Acera and see if they make a difference. Then if you feel like spending some more you can buy some SD5 or SD7 brakes, though you could do that from the start. But definately try something different from the LX brakes, anything without a parallel push system will make a big change in feel.
  6. B1105

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    I would say get Shimano XT levers over the SD levers. The lever blade is significantly thinner and therefore easier to do one-finger braking. Both should do fine though.