I wish this section wasn't here

Discussion in 'The UK' started by Ghetto, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Ghetto

    Ghetto Guest

    Im from the UK. I find this section an embarassment. No wonder you canadians/americans reckon UK people are retarded. I mean look at these postings, there sheeiitee.

    Don't you just have the way that 90% of the UK riders with an internet prescense put all the emphasis on making up a nice bike, rather than getting out and riding what they've got?!
  2. Raub

    Raub Guest

    Yeah I agree with Ben, this section is needless, well if you're posting a web-site up that's cool, but talking about a "minto" Onza T-Pro really is stupid, as no-one really cares that much about it, as long as you're riding it's all good!