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I want to buy a new or used bash ring protector thing.

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i need a decent bashring-guard thing for my bike, i have truvativ cranks, 4-bolt. thanks. -elan
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i'd give you my truvative one for free but it'd cost more in shipping than what it is new and it would take longer to get there than ordering one from a website :ugh2:
i have a couple bashrings for 4 bolt cranks, one is a truativ and the other is a race face, you can take your pick which you would prefer, and we can work out a price if you are interested.
cool ty, i bought the mod wheel from you right?
do both rings have teeth on them? i want a smooth one if you have it, but if not, that is okay.. for a used one, depending on condition, ill go $15-25. let me know. thanks-elan
Yep you did buy a mod wheel from me, hope its working well. Both the bushings are smooth, no teeth, upon closer inspection there are scratches on the back of the raceface from chain rub (the raceface looks like this one but is all black http://www.webcyclery.com/.docs/product_id/635/pg/product_details.html). The truativ is in better shape with fewer scratches but both are close to new. I will try to get a pic of each to you. How about I meet you in the middle of your price range, $20. Give me a call if you’re going to be in this area sometime in the near future and you can see them in person.
hey, if you have anytime that you want to meet, let me know, ill coem and get it... 303-569-2548..
sorry i didnt respond earlier, i was out of town, ill give you a call and we can get you set up, i also have a bunch of random bike parts which might help you build up that XC bike.
ok, i might not have money for the ring, the guy who is selling me the frame might hook me up with some good deals....
sweet dude let me know if you still want one
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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