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I want a strong 24 inch back wheel... and other parts

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I need a super short stem, a rear mech disc brake, and a strong 24 inch back wheel (preferably with CK hub).

Anyone have any of these items or know of another forum that is more street oriented?
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try ridemonkey.com, mtbr.com or pinkbike.com. Maybe e-bay?

What frame is all this stuff going on?
Cool, thanks.

It's going to go on my XC bike, and will be my 'street' bike for a little while... I'll see if I have any potential for skillz before I invest in a full out street machine. My XC frame is an Azonic DS-1.
hahaha..MSII got you excited? thay riding was definately hardcore

Hey look for a good 24' rim, but the Chris King hub is not neccesary for street ridding. Neither Theo or I have one on our bikes, I don't find engagment to be very important look for strength!
ok, thanks. I'll just look for a regular hub then. I'll probably just call Webcyclery today and order it up.
Do you live in the Denver area? Let me know, I can build a strong wheel. Will do it for free.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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